2020 radiation news

Selected items of radiation and nuclear related news from around the world in 2020

  • Online RPS Training course ready for purchase

    Published: Oct 29, 2020

    Source: Ionactive Consulting online radiation protection training

    • Online RPS training

    After a considerable development period Ionactive is pleased to announce that its first 24/7 online course, 'Radiation Protection Supervisor Training Course', is ready for purchase.

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  • Online radiation protection course application is live

    Published: Aug 11, 2020

    Source: Ionactive News Release 11 August, 2020

    • Online radiation training
    • online radiation course
    • Online RPS training

    The Ionactive online radiation protection training application is now live. Read about some of the features and online training course development.

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  • International Radiation Protection Officer (RPO) training course ‘online’

    Published: May 21, 2020

    Source: Ionactive News Release May 2020

    • RPO
    • RPO training course online
    • Radiation Protection Officer Training

    [August 2020 update. The online training engine is now live at online radiation training courses. The first course, online RPO training is nearly complete and will be uploaded during September 2020].

    Coming mid-July 2020, Ionactive is releasing an online Radiation Protection Officer (RPO) training course. The origin of this course material is based on the RPO training Ionactive has conducted in UAE, Qatar and Bahrain etc. The face-2-face content has been completely transformed into a rich multimedia experience. Any delegate will be able to buy the course online and then take however they wish, all in one go or perhaps a module a week, its all completely flexible. You will be able to check progress by using the interactive quizzes, take the online final course test and then receive your RPO achievement certificate by direct download. Read more!

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  • Ionising Radiations Regulations 2017 - Covid-19 Regulatory Position Statement

    Published: May 11, 2020

    Source: HSE / ONR

    • Covid-19
    • IRR17
    • HSE
    • ONR

    This is a temporary Regulatory Position Statement (RPS) with respect to compliance with the Ionising Radiations Regulations 2017 (IRR17) and Covid-19

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  • Online radiation safety training school

    Published: Apr 19, 2020

    Source: Ionactive News 2020

    • Online radiation training
    • RPS training course online
    • Radiation Protection Supervisor Course online

    Ionactive is working hard to create a new online radiation safety training school. To complement our face-2-face training (currently restricted due to Covid-19), we will soon be releasing a completely new on line training system.

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  • Radiation Medicals & Health Reviews (COVID19)

    Published: Apr 02, 2020

    Source: UK Government

    The UK government, via Public Health England, has released some guidance on conducting medicals and health reviews during the Covid-19 emergency.

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