Online RPS Training course ready for purchase

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We are so pleased to confirm that our online Radiation Protection Supervisor (RPS) course is now released and ready for purchase. This is the first of a number of online 24/7 courses that will be available to take at a time and location of your choosing, at the pace you want.

Visit the online training page and choose a course!

Online RPS training course

The course takes the form of a rich multimedia experience. Once purchased the delegate simply logs into the training application and starts training at their own pace. The training is based on the Ionactive 2 day "live" (face to face) training course. During production it was decided to totally rework the training material which now has a completely new graphics set - include two 'characters' which lead the delegate through the training process.

Meet the new characters!

Ionactive online training characters

A new radiation training system with a new look

The online training system is built from the ground up - content has not simply been fitted to an off-the-shelf training package. We therefore have a unique training platform with a fresh "Ionactive look".

Here is the front icon screen.

Online training news October 2020 main screen

The online radiation training front screen with icons

Here is a slider with a few screen captures of how the content looks.

Online training news October 2020 example 1
New video resource - explaining protection by time
Online training news October 2020 example 2
Key concepts delivered with clear bold graphics
Online training news October 2020 example 3
Your Ionactive 'friends' help to keep the training conversational
Online training news October 2020 example 4
Your tutor, Mark Ramsay (Radiation Protection Adviser)
Online training news October 2020 example 5
Using the chat messaging window

Navigation is easy using the icon scroll bar on the right. The viewing area is fully and adaptable to the preferred screen size and aspect ratio.

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