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  • Flight Radiation Calculator

    Published: Jan 21, 2023

    Source: OMNI Calculator

    • Cosmic radiation
    • Calculate flight radiation

    A flight radiation calculator that will estimate cosmic radiation exposure you receive during a flight. This tool will compare radiation exposure from any flight with, for example, exposures from medical x-rays etc. [Use with caution for a bit of fun, there are better more informative calculators available - see other links in this section - such as EPCARD].

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  • Dangerous Quantities of Radioactive Material (D-Values)

    Published: Feb 11, 2019

    Source: IAEA

    • Radioactive
    • D-Values
    • IAEA
    • HASS

    D-values are used by the Environment Agency (EA), SEPA and the UK police advisers (CTSA) to determine the source category and appropriate security measures for sealed sources, where this cannot be assessed directly from the use/practice. D (Danger) values are in TBq, and the quotient A/D (where A is the activity of a source in TBq) are used to determine source category. In the UK some sources are already categorised for security and this will then take precedence over A/D. For those into dosimetry calculations and assessments behind D values, section 3 onwards explain in detail how the values are derived.

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  • EPCARD (Aviation cosmic radiation calculator)

    Published: Feb 09, 2019

    Source: EPCARD

    • Cosmic radiation
    • Aviation RPS courses
    • radiation calculator

    EPCARD stands for 'European Program Package for the Calculation of Aviation Route Doses'. This comprehensive online calculator is produced by the GSF-National Research Center for Environment and Health (Germany). You can calculate cosmic radiation dose received en route between any two airports (on any given day), or the dose rate in the plane for a given elevation and position.

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  • Radprocalculator

    Published: Feb 04, 2019

    Source: Radprocalculator

    An online calculator for undertaking all manner of radiation safety related calculations.

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  • AJ Radioactive Material Equations and Formulas Calculator

    Published: Nov 13, 2018


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