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Ionactive is an established provider of Radiation Protection Adviser (RPA) and Radioactive Waste Adviser (RWA) services for all users of ionising radiation. Based in the UK, we provide radiation protection advice to industry, commerce, security, medical, emergency services, museums, universities, and schools. We also run regular Radiation Protection Supervisor (RPS) training courses in the UK, and Radiation Protection Officer (RPO) courses overseas. Visit our resource hub for radiation safety articles, legislation guidance, curated links, and news.

Mark Ramsay

Mark started Ionactive Consulting as a hobby in 2002 which has now grown to be a significant RPA service provider in the radiation protection industry. He is currently RPA for a significant number of organisations spanning all areas of industry, service providers and research in the UK and beyond. His varied experience in the nuclear and non-nuclear industry together with an interest in novel training techniques are particularly strong assets. He aims to deliver a quality radiation protection adviser and training service, whilst maintaining and continuously improving the Ionactive web site.

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I was delighted that we achieved a satisfactory demonstration of our reactor emergency arrangements. The scenario was realistic, but testing. The quality of the exercise documentation produced by Ionactive was as usual first class.

– Simon Franklin, Imperial College London

Came knowing very little about the subject, have left with all of the relevant knowledge I need

– BJ, RPS training delegate, March 2016

Mark, it's been great working with you over the last year, not only is our house in better order but the wider workforce genuinely appreciate the time you have spent reassuring them

– DF, X-ray Technology Company

Radon Gas - a surprise! I work only with security x-ray systems but found the radioactive bits of the course interesting too. I will be talking to my colleagues about Radon Gas when next discussing our workplace risks!

– BQ, X-ray security, RPS Training (March 2018)

Many thanks for an interesting two-day radiation course. Whilst physics and maths is not my thing, I found the material easy to digest and surprisingly enjoyable!

– OM, diagnostic x-ray, RPS Training (Dec 2017)