Radiation protection widgets

Radiation protection widgets are presented on the Ionactive public website and as part of our online radiation protection training. The widget is an interactive teaching / training aid that allows the user to play with a concept in real time. It is a much better way of learning that relying on a static image, video, or explanation ! Widgets will be highlighted here from time to time, for the full collection please go here: Radiation protection widgets & calculators.

  • Inverse square law - Radiation protection widget

    Published: Mar 16, 2024

    • Inverse square law
    • Ionactive
    • Radiation protection widget
    • 1/r2
    • Dose
    • Dose Rate
    • Point source
    • Ionising Radiation
    • Intensity
    • Simulation
    • Demonstration
    • Interactive

    A short set of articles introducing new Ionactive radiation protection training resource as widgets. The widgets are small interactive teaching aides that will feature on our public website and also extensively in our on line radiation protection training service. First up is the inverse square law.

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