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Source: Ionactive News Release 11 August, 2020

After many weeks of development, the Ionactive online training application is live. We planned for this to go live 3 August 2020 and made it (just), although the first course (online radiation protection supervisor training) hosted by the application did not make the deadline and will be uploaded during August 2020. Following this a set of awareness level courses will be released between now and the end of the year covering the food and drink industry, aviation security, cargo and freight and quality assurance.

We also have our international online Radiation Protection Officer (RPO) training courses in development. The first will cover the Gulf states, based on UAE legislation, but since the courses are compatible with the IAEA standards, they will be suitable for delegates far and wide.

Visit our online radiation protection courses page, or check out some of the features below.

Some key training application features

Taking the course - the general application area
Taking the course - the general application area

After much discussion between Ionactive and our web design team it was decided to build a fully bespoke system - therefore the application is not a third party training system, it has been designed and coded from the ground up (a huge job we now realise). The advantage is that is integrates with the rest of the Ionactive website experience and does what we want. Once the chosen training course is underway it's very easy to navigate between modules and sections.

Training application navigation
Training application navigation

When not taking a course the training application interface provides the delegates with lots of options including looking at their admin, taking courses they have purchased, downloading certificates for course tests already completed, checking out their course resource section (downloadable resource, web links etc), contacting the tutor via the chat service, reading course messages (updates, upgrades and relevant radiation safety news), and visiting the course commercial area (for invoices, card details and other purchasing information).

It's all very easy to use and is suitable for windows and apple systems, laptops, pads and mobile phones. If using a mobile phone we recommend portrait mode.

Chat with the tutor and ask for help direct from the course you are taking
Chat with the tutor and ask for help direct from the course you are taking

From the very beginning we were determined to ensure the online course was interactive. From a course material perspective there are lots of videos by the tutor (Mark Ramsay) so you have the sense of being trained directly. There are also loads of interactive quizzes to give you feedback. We felt we could go further so each delegate can chat to the tutor directly, right from within their training course. We are not promoting this as an instantaneous 'live' service, but if the tutor is available then help will be provided there and then, if not then help will be provided within 24 hours (and generally within the hour).

More news will be released in the coming days and weeks as our courses are uploaded.

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