Technical Guidance

This is the foundation stone of our new technical guidance section. Here we will feature data and articles on radiation shielding, frequently asked questions (FAQ), monitor performance, specific gamma ray constants, mathematical derivations - indeed everything we have personally found useful from our tool kit. The resource will be gradually uploaded here from time to time. Have anything suitable that you would like to see featured here?

  • Radiation Safety Advice

    Advice on the technical application of ionising radiation safety (including legislation interpretation, local rules, environmental radiation etc).

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  • Handbook of Radiological Protection

    Health Physics data from the classic UK publication 'Handbook of Radiological Protection'

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  • Radiation Protection Rules of Thumb

    Radiation Protection Rules of Thumb - a broadly accurate guide, equation or principle, based on practice (but may be proved by theory). Also includes frequently asked questions (FAQ), hints and tips acquired over many years whilst giving practical radiation safety advice.

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  • Radiation Safety Data (radioactive)

    Useful data on radioisotopes used in industry and research.

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  • Technical Radiation Protection

    The mathematics, physics and biology behind much of the technical aspects of radiation safety.

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