Radiation Protection training

Radiation Protection training from Ionactive include monthly UK Radiation Protection Supervisor (RPS) courses, radiation awareness training, contingency and rehearsal training, international Radiation Protection Officer (RPO) courses, and bespoke onsite training at your workplace. Ionactive courses are designed and delivered by Mark Ramsay who has considerable experience working with a wide range radiation sources in the UK and overseas.

Also check out our online radiation safety training courses.

RPS training

Radiation Protection Supervisor (RPS) training courses are run monthly at our UK training venue in Buckinghamshire

Contingency training

Contingency based radiation safety training for the emergency services and high hazard facilities

International training

International Radiation Protection Officer (RPO) training, delivered direct to your company (
Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, UAE etc)

Bespoke training

Bespoke onsite radiation protection training (RPS level, radiation safety awareness, shielding assessment etc)

All of the above training categories are available online using our online training platform

Who attends Ionactive training?

Our training delegates come from a wide variety of ionising radiation users. Our standard UK courses are designed to take users from industry, medicine, security, quality assurance etc and place them in the same training environment. Learning from each other is a key deliverable and helps the delegate understand their workplace radiation risks in context with other users. We now deliver our international RPO training courses direct at the company premises (particularly in the Gulf area). We will design the RPO course around your specific uses of ionising radiation.

  • Museums

  • Veterinary

  • Agriculture

  • Pharmaceutical

  • Dentistry

  • Logistics

  • Security

  • Food and Beverage

  • Industrial Radiography

Training testimonials

Well done on the course, I thought it worked very well and it's good to have something that you can pick up when you have time.

– (JD) online RPS training - January 2021 [Medical Delegate] -

Thanks Mark. Really good course given the dry subject :)

– NS - online RPS training course delegate - October 2020 -

Thank You for a well-executed course Monday and Tuesday. It was a pleasure to see how assertive you were by paying attention to ALL delegates at the same time and making the course content relevant for one and all. I’ve recommended it highly to our base managers as I see others within our organization that could benefit from it

– Claus Thorberg Hansen, RPS Training, July 2019 -

I was delighted that we achieved a satisfactory demonstration of our reactor emergency arrangements. The scenario was realistic, but testing. The quality of the exercise documentation produced by Ionactive was as usual first class.

– Simon Franklin, Imperial College London -

Came knowing very little about the subject, have left with all of the relevant knowledge I need

– BJ, RPS training delegate, March 2016 -

Outstanding Instructor Knowledge, Hit all the important parts, very satisfied!

– NG, RPS Training delegate, March 2014 -

Main objective was to understand radioactive materials better and you have certainly fulfilled this for me. Excellent content and well delivered. Thank you.

– (AC) online RPS training - December 2020 [Transport Delegate] -

Radon Gas - a surprise! I work only with security x-ray systems but found the radioactive bits of the course interesting too. I will be talking to my colleagues about Radon Gas when next discussing our workplace risks!

– BQ, X-ray security, RPS Training (March 2018) -

Thanks for delivering a very informative course this week, it will certainly help me to get back into the RPS role after a hiatus of several years and it’s increased my understanding of the subject matter as well.

– Graeme Salt, RPS training, March 2019 -

Many thanks for an interesting two-day radiation course. Whilst physics and maths is not my thing, I found the material easy to digest and surprisingly enjoyable!

– OM, diagnostic x-ray, RPS Training (Dec 2017) -

Sincere thanks, Mark, for the energy, enthusiasm, and, excellent, training, given to my site teams, for two very different decommissioning projects. The assistance and guidance, provided, through RA requirements, and your pragmatic RPA technical support, for both challenging projects – fume filter plant decommissioning and overall site decontamination, was central to the complete success achieved, against reasonable expectations.

– Peter Williams – Project Manager -

Thanks Mark. Just wanted to say I really enjoyed the course, it was really well presented throughout and kept me engaged!

– (TD) online RPS training - December 2020 [Medical Delegate] -

Many thanks for the follow up both prior, and now correspondences, on what was an excellent well delivered and well managed course by yourselves / RNA , and of course the tutor QE , Mark Ramsey. It certainly does promote further study and learning, with the engagement that everyone showed , very professionally.

– Colin Morrison (UAE). RNA Safety International / Ionactive RPO Training -

First, let me to express my gratitude to the one of the most interesting course that I have attended. It was an informatively value course. Congratulation for you also for this great arrangement and the success of your courses.

– Dhabyeh AlAli (UAE). RNA Safety International / Ionactive RPO Training -

Good morning! Thank you very much for bringing such a wonderful learning opportunity to us here in the UAE! Thank you too for the superb organization of the event! Good luck to future trainings and events with RNA Safety!

– Adrian JF Velasco (UAE). RNA Safety International / Ionactive RPO Training -

CBRNC has worked with Mark Ramsay of Ionactive Consulting to create a bespoke RPS course which meets the required standard, but is weighted towards Police needs


Very professional and enthusiastic delivery of course material without being dictatorial. The course planning was modular and flexible which helped maintain interest. Very good candidate engagement – firmly establishes the key principles

– SL - HDIM Course, "Ideal for Fire Service, HAZMAT and HDIM" -

Well done ! Trainer’s demonstrated excellent knowledge – excellent reference folder. Very informative presentations on what is a difficult and complex subject for us.

– Met Police (CBRN - Radiation training) -

Excellent and enjoyable course - Originally quite heavy/daunting but made more sense as time went on and became more enjoyable and understandable

– Essex Police (CBRN - radiation safety training) -

Highly relevant for CBRN Coordinators - Superb course. Highly relevant for CBRN Coordinators, enabling instructors to deliver a high quality R and N package to CBRN Responders

– Essex Police (CBRN - radiation safety training) -

Relevant to HAZMAT Officer - Mark explained a complex subject in a relevant and easily understandable way. Both delegate notes and PowerPoint presentations are very good, clear and added to overall training delivery. I both enjoyed the course and found the content very relevant to my role as a Hazmat officer. " MP, H&W Fire Service

– MP, H&W Fire Service -

Very worthwhile experience - Handout is excellent and easy to follow with good coverage of all subjects. Excellent knowledge of subject matter by both instructors. Great to look at events worldwide to understand the threat and get a clearer picture of what types of incident could occur. A very worthwhile experience!

– London Fire Brigade, CBRN course run by Ionactive -

Thank you for providing a very well presented and interesting course (as always).

– Jamie Humphreys, RPS training delegate, March 2019 -

Thank you for an enjoyable two days. As Radiopharmacy is all new to me, I found your course really helpful and learnt a lot that will help me with my training in the cleanrooms and in Production. I have a better understanding of what I am working with and the risks that can happen in the workplace and how training in spills etc is important. I look forward to going through my Training Manual and taking the Knowledge Test

– JW, Delegate, RPS Training, January 2019 -

Great course. Definitely took me 5 days not 2 though!! Mark always helpful and prompt when support required. Definitely recommend this course.

– (LP) online RPS training - December 2020 [Medical Delegate] -

I found material very well presented and helpful, legislation is bit dry but it is what it is. I enjoyed this course. It's definitely the best ever online course I have done.

– (ZB) online RPS training - January 2021 [Medical Delegate] -

I really enjoyed this course. It was very thorough and taught me lots of things that have not been in previous RPS courses that I have attended

– (JH) online RPS training - September 2021 [Research Delegate] -

Very good online environment. Well thought out structure to assist engagement and relatability. Will recommend to other colleagues. Thank you!

– (MP) online RPS training - September 2021 [Medical Delegate] -

Dear Ionactive Team, Thank you for an interesting and informative RPS course which I found both challenging and fun in equal measure - a rare combination indeed!

– (JB) online RPS training - September 2021 [Medical Delegate] -

Very easy to use, and incredibly interesting!

– (WDP) online RPS training - December 2021 [A-Level Student] -

Hi Mark, Absolutely excellent course. Content was very comprehensive and the presentation works very well.

– (PR) online RPS training - December 2021 [Industry Delegate] -