Ionactive Recommended Radiation Shielding Data

Ionactive recommended shielded data. This section does not negate the need to consult with a Radiation Protection Adviser (RPA). Nor does it supersede other data in our technical section ( e.g. Hand Book of Radiological Protection, which has historical significance). However, we have found this data to be reliable in most cases and have added it to our library of data for our consultancy.

  • Ionactive endorsed TVT and HVT data for radioactive gamma emitters

    Published: Feb 15, 2023

    Source: Ionactive Consulting Radiation Protection Resource

    • Gamma radiation
    • Radioactive materials
    • TVT
    • 10th value thichness
    • HVT
    • 1/2 value thichness

    There is much data over the WWW and in books regarding TVT and HVT (10th value thickness and 1/2 value thickness) for radiation shielding of gamma emitting radionuclides. There are also a few online calculators, and the soon to be released Ionactive Radiation Protection Online Calculator. Furthermore, in some cases TVT and HVT are not suitable for shielding evaluation and computer codes may be required (e.g. MicroShield or MCNP). However, for simple issues and radiation protection training, the TVT and HVT are still reliable. This resource presents data that Ionactive would be willing to use, subject to the clarifications just given.

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