The Mathematics of Radiation Protection

These articles and guidance look at the mathematics associated with radiation protection / health physics including half-life, inverse square law, statistics, instrumentation, famous physics equations and much more. If you like your radiation safety served with maths, then this resource section is for you!

  • The accumulated radiation dose when moving up to a source

    Published: Nov 27, 2023

    Source: Dr Chris Robbins, Grallator

    • Dr Chris Robbins
    • Grallator
    • Accumulated dose
    • Maths in radiation protection
    • Radioactive source
    • accumulated radiation exposure moving towards a source
    • Inverse square law
    • Point source

    Consider the situation where you move up to a radioactive source, perform some operations for a period of time, and then move away. What total dose will be received?

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  • Physical, biological and effective half-life

    Published: Sep 29, 2021

    Source: Dr Chris Robbins, Grallator

    • Radiation Protection
    • Health Physics
    • Maths
    • Mathematics

    This technical mathematics article is written by Dr Chris Robbins of Grallator Limited. This article looks at Physical, biological and effective half-life and the mathematics behind them.

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