Radiation Protection Rules of Thumb & FAQ

A set of radiation protection rules of thumb covering brief guides, frequently asked questions (FAQ), equations or principles, hints and tips for use in the workplace. Use with care (and always with consultation from a Radiation Protection Adviser).

  • How do I convert TVT to HVT (or the other way around)?

    Published: Feb 11, 2023

    Source: Ionactive Consulting Radiation Protection Resource

    • TVT
    • HVT
    • TVL
    • HVL
    • !0th value thickness
    • 1/2 value thichness

    A short and simple article looking at the conversion of 10th value thickness (TVT) to 1/2 value thickness (HVT), or the reverse process. Note that sometimes TVT is known as TVL (10th value layer) and HVT is known as HVL (1/2 value layer).

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  • What is a Radiation Protection Supervisor (RPS)?

    Published: Feb 10, 2023

    Source: Ionactive Consulting Radiation Protection Resource

    • RPS
    • Radiation Protection Supervisor
    • IRR17
    • Ionising Radiations Regulations 2017
    • Ionising Radiation
    • Local Rules

    The Radiation Protection Supervisor (RPS) is a statutory appointment required by the UK Ionising Radiations Regulations 2017 (IRR17). The RPS is appointed in writing by an employer who works with ionising radiation. The RPS is required to supervise the radiation safety aspects of the work, in compliance with local rules.

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  • Radiation Exposure - Dose and Dose Rate (the Gray & Sievert)

    Published: Dec 13, 2022

    Source: Ionactive Radiation Protection Resource

    • Gray
    • Sievert
    • Radiation exposure
    • Dose
    • Dose Rate

    There is quite a lot in this resource article even though we will not labour the physics of these terms. We explore the SI base unit of radiation exposure, absorbed dose (the Gray - Gy), and then contrast with biological effective dose (Sievert - Sv). Number multiplier examples will be explored and the important difference between dose and dose rate is highlighted. Finally we will also note the non-SI units of the Rad and Rem and look at conversions.

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  • Radioactivity - The Becquerel (Bq)

    Published: Dec 09, 2022

    Source: Ionactive Radiation Protection Resource

    • Radioactivity
    • Becquerel
    • Bq
    • Curie
    • Ci
    • Radioactive

    The SI unit of radioactivity is the becquerel (Bq). In this resource we will look at some typical activity values you might find in nature or in the workplace. Number multipliers will be explored as will conversions e.g. to the non-SI radioactivity unit of the Curie (Ci). Some interesting facts will be included such as 'why do certain UK industries still think in terms of the curie?!'.

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  • Radiation protection - the number system

    Published: Dec 03, 2022

    Source: Ionactive Radiation Protection Resource

    • Radiation protection units
    • Radiation unit conversions
    • Radiation dose units
    • Radiation activity units

    In radiation protection we tend to use numbers that are very small or very large. The maths is not difficult, but may appear unusual to those not used to such number scales.

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  • What is BAT (Best Available Techniques) as applied to UK environmental permits involving radioactive material or waste?

    Published: Feb 20, 2022

    Source: Ionactive Resource

    • BAT Assessment
    • Environmental Protection
    • Radioactive Waste Adviser (RWA)

    A summary of BAT as applied to working with radioactive materials and radioactive waste in the UK.

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