Online radiation protection training by Ionactive - navigating around the training app

We are really pleased that our new online radiation protection training service is up and running. The first course available for purchase is the 'Online Radiation Protection Supervisor (RPS) training course'. If you want to go there right now then follow this link - online RPS training course.

The purpose of this short series of blog articles is to dig a little deeper into certain aspects of the online training service - ensuring that all delegates get the most out of their training. If you have not yet purchased a course you might also find these articles of interest, they may help you decided if this training service is right for you.

This is one of a number of blog posts that will be released in the coming days.

Ionactive website vs training application

You buy your course by visiting the following page (we will use the RPS course as an example): Online RPS course purchase.

In order to purchase a course and set up your details you need to register first. This takes place by clicking on the 'Login' button at the top of the screen on any Ionactive web page. The login process (registration in this context) will require you to provide basic details and also receive and respond to an activation email.

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Location of the login button to set up your account and proceed to your course

Once you have an account and have purchased a course you can proceed to the training app.

You can use the training app without purchasing a course if you have been given admin rights by Ionactive. This is useful where you might be a company training manager and you have put several delegates on the course. You do not have access to a course but instead access to your delegate progress pages (their progress, their test result, access to their training certificates etc).

Payment by credit card - single delegate registration

We envisage most individual delegates will register themselves, purchase a course and then proceed directly to their training.

Payment via purchase order - multiple delegate registration

There is an alternative approach where a company may have a number of delegates that require training and would prefer to purchase these off line (for example by purchase order and BACS transfer). The way this works is as follows:

  • The company provides Ionactive with a list of delegate names and email addresses
  • Ionactive loads this data into the online training system
  • The training system then sends activation emails to all delegates
  • Once the delegates have activated their account they can login in the normal way
  • Once the purchasing process is complete each delegate will be able to access their course

Under this alternative approach the delegates do not need to place a course in the shopping cart - that process is bypassed.

Training portal on the main Ionactive site

The above stages all take place within the main Ionactive website ( Once you are logged in you can then choose your available courses. You click on your chosen course to take you to the online training app.

Online training blog Intro articles part 1 02

One logged into online training via the main website your can see your available courses

Online radiation protection training app

You will then need to login to the training app using this page.

Online training blog Intro articles part 1 03

Login into training app here

Once into the training app you will arrive at your online training home page. From here you can navigate around and check out various features.

Unless you need to purchase another course or change you admin details (e.g. address, card details etc) then you can pretty much stay in the training app from now on. As long as you save the training app address you can go direct to your course without needing to visit the main Ionactive website.

Tip - if you see a continuously spinning icon and login does not appear to work then the most likely reason is that you are operating an old version of your browser of choice. Old versions of Microsoft IE are particularly susceptible to this (the up to date Edge browser works perfectly). Ensuring your browser is up to date will cure this issue.

Online training blog Intro articles part 1 04

Training app - home features

You will probably want to check out your course first - so follow this icon.

Online training blog Intro articles part 1 05

Your online radiation protection course will be found here

Then you are into your radiation training course - dig in and enjoy!

Online training blog Intro articles part 1 06

Start or continue your training course

Once into your course the scroll bar on the right changes to a course navigator. From here you can navigate modules, sections in modules, course resource, use the chat messenger service etc.

Online training blog Intro articles part 1 07

Navigating around the course is easy using the scroll bar on the right

Do not forget to check out the resources section. Resources could be both global and specific to particular courses.

Online training blog Intro articles part 1 08

Use the resource sections of your training app

Online training blog Intro articles part 1 09

Selecting what resource you need

Need to contact your tutor? Just go here !

Online training blog Intro articles part 1 10

Your course chat / messaging window

The next online training blog article will be posted soon.

Hopefully should now feel more confident to buy online, or via your training manager (purchase order), and login and start your course.

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