Radiation protection videos

During 2008 to 2010 Ionactive commissioned a number of radiation protection videos produced by Dr Chris Robbins of Grallator. The video resource covers radiation detectors (GM tubes), gamma ray constants, linear accelerators, radiotherapy treatment rooms, industrial radiography enclosures, radiation dose units, inverse square law, radiation (photon) scattering, CBRN (radiological and nuclear hazards including the Louis Slotin criticality incident) and more. 

These were put up on YouTube at a video quality which matched expectation of that time - and did well with plenty of views and comments (they are still there if you go looking). We have used the higher quality source files to represent these videos again, direct on the Ionactive website. We have improved and balanced the audio, and they now stream from Vimeo with no adverts. These videos are over 10 years old but the content stands the test of time - they are excellent radiation safety training resource. 

For formal radiation safety advice, visit our Radiation Protection Adviser (RPA) services page.  

  • The linac accelerator (linac) - medical & other applications (video)

    Published: May 19, 2024

    Source: Ionactive Radiation Protection Resource

    • Linac
    • Linear accelerator
    • Electron bunch
    • Electromagnetic radiation
    • Magnetic field
    • electric field
    • Steering coils
    • Anode
    • Cathode
    • Thermionic emission
    • Cooking system
    • Vacuum system
    • Klystron
    • Magnetron
    • Microwaves
    • Electron gun
    • Bending magnet
    • Accelerator wave guide
    • Radiotherapy
    • Cancer treament
    • Cargo screening
    • Industrial Irradiation
    • Industrial sterilization
    • Industrial Radiography
    • Tungsten target

    A video from some years ago (2008) - but still stands the test of time. In fact, as far as we know this was the first of its kind. Since then the big players in linac technology have produced other video resources, which are excellent. Radiation protection training resource of this type still has significant value and so is offered again with audio and visual optimisation. This resource covers how the linac works, from electron gun to electron target. The basic principles of the described linac will also be similar to those used in cargo screening, industrial irradiation and industrial radiography. 

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  • The Gamma Ray Constant (Video)

    Published: May 10, 2024

    Source: Ionactive Radiation Protection Resources

    • Gamma Ray Constant
    • Radioactive materials
    • Absorption
    • Dose
    • Accumulated dose
    • Guiding approximations
    • Computer simulation
    • D=ME/6r2
    • Energy MeV
    • What receives the dose?
    • Point source
    • Inverse square law
    • Energy absorbed per unit volume
    • Mass Energy Absorption Coefficient

    An Ionactive video release created for us by Grallator in 2009. This video looks at the Gamma Ray constant of the form D=ME/6r2 (terms explained in the video page). Later more recent resource (i.e. 2024) takes the concepts in this video and develops them much further  - looking at the detailed maths and physics (links will be found on the video page). There is still lots of good radiation protection educational content here despite its vintage. 

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  • The Geiger-Muller tube - radiation detector (video)

    Published: May 04, 2024

    Source: Ionactive Radiation Protection Resource

    • GM Tube
    • Geiger Muller tube
    • gas filled detector
    • GM Counter
    • radiation detector
    • Alpha radiation
    • beta radiation
    • Gamma radiation
    • neutron radiation
    • boron
    • inert gas
    • argon
    • neon
    • radiation window
    • thin mica
    • potential difference
    • Anode
    • Cathode
    • end cap energy filter
    • ambient count
    • ambient dose
    • gas amplification
    • electric field
    • avalanche effect
    • dead time
    • recovery time
    • recombination
    • quenching
    • Dose Rate
    • counts per second
    • CPS
    • Contamination
    • pulsed radiation

    An animated video explaining how the Geiger-Muller tube functions - a classic radiation detector which was envisaged in 1908,  practically built in 1928, and is still a widely used detector today in 2024 (nearly 100 years later!). 

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The definition of 'safe' is not strictly an engineering term; it's a societal term. Does it mean absolutely no loss of life? Does it mean absolutely no contamination with radiation? What exactly does 'safe' mean?

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