New Ionactive 24/7 online radiation safety awareness: X-ray security screening systems for freight, cargo and aviation course

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Ionactive is pleased to release its latest 24/7 online radiation awareness course for the freight, cargo and aviation industry The course is suitable for those working with or around x-ray security screening systems. The course is therefore suitable for operators / screeners, supervisors, engineers and others working close by. The on demand nature of the course means that delegates can fit their training around their work, either taking all in one go, or bit by bit over a number of days or weeks.

The course is designed to assist in compliance with the Ionising Radiations Regulations 2017 (IRR17).

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Radiation Safety Awareness: X-ray security screening systems for freight, cargo and aviation course

Selected features

Here are some selected features that you will find in this new online radiation awareness course.

  • Each delegate has their own training area to host their course, test, certificates and training resource.
  • Every delegate has three years access to their training material which will be updated regularly (so the material stays current at all times).
  • Every delegate has a chat window direct to Ionactive, so they can ask questions about the course material whenever they wish.
  • A selected individual (e.g. training manager) can be given an admin account allowing them to keep check on their delegates (i.e. progress, test results, certificates etc).
  • Course material is written by Mark Ramsay of Ionactive, a Radiation Protection Adviser (RPA) for a major UK airport, numerous freight / cargo companies and manufacturers and suppliers (Rapiscan. Smiths Detection etc).
  • Course content delivered by text, pictures, slideshows, audio commentary and video.

Here are a few selected examples of resource from the new training course.

Module 4 section 3 x ray e stops
Emergency Stops of various types on typical security x-ray screening units
Module 3 section 2 x ray Monitoring example 4
Taking dose rate measurements at the infeed end of a cargo screening x-ray screening unit
Module 4 section 3 x ray tunnel slope
X-ray screening systems without shielding curtains
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