IRR17 (11) - Maintenance and examination of engineering controls, etc. and personal protective equipment


Engineering controls such as local exhaust ventilation systems, safety features such as electromechanical interlocks and warning devices must be properly maintained and where appropriate, thorough examinations carried out at suitable intervals. ‘Maintenance’ is defined as ‘maintained in an efficient state, in efficient working order and in good repair.’ Inspection programmes will need to be formal. Monitoring programmes should be used to judge the effectiveness of contamination controls. It is usually appropriate to carry out maintenance and examination at least once a year unless a risk assessment dictates more regular testing.

Records of maintenance of plant and equipment with radiation safety significance must be retained. This is also extended to maintenance of PPE.

Generally, the risk assessment (IRR17 – Regulation 8) will help you decide what level of maintenance and examination is required. In addition the supplier / installer / manufacture of the radiation source should also provide specific information on maintenance requirements

Note that IRR17 - Regulation 14 (and Schedule 4) require that the employer consults with a Radiation Protection Adviser (RPA) to develop a programme of examination and testing for appropriate control measures.

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