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A collection of external radiation protection / safety related links, nuclear history and useful resources (radiation monitors, radioactive sources, UK and international legislation etc). No warranty implied by including links to services or products. Please email Ionactive if you think your produce or service should feature.

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  • Medical radiation dose issues associated with dual-energy X-ray absorptiometry (DXA) scans for sports performance assessments and other non-medical practices.

    Published: Nov 21, 2019

    Source: COMARE

    This report from COMARE is in are medical section as DEXA (DXA) best fits into this category. However, this report deals with using this medical x-ray technique on sports performance assessments and other non-medical practices. A useful document, easy to read.

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  • Ionising Radiation (Medical Exposure) Regulations IR(ME)R Guidance

    Published: Sep 13, 2019

    Source: Regulation and Quality Improvement Authority (RQIA)

    • Medical Radiation
    • IR(ME)R

    Recent guidance published by the Regulation and Quality Improvement Authority (RQIA) regarding IR(ME)R. Medical related radiation safety practitioners have been waiting for this covering matters such as Significant accidental and unintended exposures under IR(ME)R (June 2019).

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  • 2019 Guidance: Justification of Practices Involving Ionising Radiation Regulations 2004

    Published: Aug 10, 2019

    Source: Gov.UK

    • radiation
    • Justification
    • Practice

    This document provides an update to 2004 justification regulations guidance. The 2004 regulations were updated by the Justification of Practices Involving Ionising Radiation (Amendment) Regulations 2018 (April 2018). The new guidance is compatible with Council Directive 2013/59/Euratom.

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  • Appointed Doctors (ionising radiation)

    Published: May 24, 2019

    Source: HSE

    • Appointed Doctor
    • Ionising Radiation
    • Ionising Radiations Regulations 2017

    This link takes you to the HSE website providing resource on appointed doctors (as required under the Ionising Radiations Regulations 2017). Includes resource on:

    The Appointment process
    Training of appointed doctors
    Application for appointment
    Renewal of certificate of appointment
    Reviewing performance for the appointed doctor
    Extending an appointment

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  • LabLogic - Radiation Safety

    Published: Mar 28, 2019

    Source: Lablogic.com

    • Radiation Monitors

    LabLogic have an extensive catalogue of radiation and contamination survey instruments on offer including the 'Radhound' and products from Tracerco

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  • Southern Scientific - Nuclear Industry & Radiation Monitoring

    Published: Mar 28, 2019

    Source: www.southernscientific.co.uk

    • Radiation Monitors

    Southern Scientific provide a range of radiation detectors and instrumentation in support of the nuclear and non-nuclear sectors. They also offer a bespoke service - ask them to design you something!

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