Radiation Protection Adviser: Back on the road!

What has Ionactive been up to?

During this unprecedented Covid-19 situation Ionactive has been fully operational. We have provided formal and ad-hoc radiation safety advice via email, phone and on conferencing software. We have also conducted short online training sessions.

In addition to the standard services, we have been working on several linear accelerator shielding projects, undertaking risk assessments, writing follow-up reports, reviewing client files and generally sorting the admin.

For training, early April we commissioned our web design team to start work on a online radiation training school – a place to host all our face-2-face courses in a totally new way using multimedia. It is true that Covid-19 was the catalyst, but the online training due for release in July, will run alongside our existing live courses. Delegates can choose face-2-face training if they wish, or attend live training once we are allowed to do this again.

We have also been working with our web team on a new online radiation protection calculator. There are a few of these already online, one of which we contributed to about 15 years ago, but none meet modern expectations for ease of use on multi platforms. We have huge plans for this calculator which will be useful to RPA’s, Radiation Protection Supervisors, educators and anyone else with an interest in radiation.

Ionactive Radiation Protection Calculator - for release summer 2020
Ionactive Radiation Protection Calculator - for release summer 2020
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