Online radiation protection training by Ionactive - progress & interactive quizzes

When you are not in a live "face to face" environment you may wonder how you are doing. The Ionactive online training system will provide easy to use quizzes throughout to demonstrate that you are making good progress.

When in a classroom / multi delegate environment it is easier to determine how you are getting on - simply by listening to the other delegates (what do they know, what questions are they asking etc). With online training you do not have that interaction, so instead we have provided end of section / module quizzes in our training courses.

They are usually multiple-choice and are marked instantly in real time as you complete them. If you answer a question wrong the system will provide you with useful hints and tips. You cannot proceed to the next section / module until you complete the quiz, but you can have as many attempts as you like (and none of the quizzes contribute to your end of course test result).

We believe this is an excellent way of ensuring that all delegates reach a minimal level of understanding in all modules of our courses. In some ways this is far more rigorous than what would be achieved in a live (face-to-face) training session - complete our courses and you WILL know the subject matter!

Message / chat service - remember you have this service available at any time direct from within your training app if you want to discuss any issues with your course tutor.

Your progress - quizzes

Here is an example of a typical end of section quiz.

Online training blog Intro articles part 3 01

Online training end of section quiz

Now suppose you answer one of the questions correctly and another question wrong.

Online training blog Intro articles part 3 02

End of section quiz with correct and wrong answers.

The quiz system will help you by providing hints and tips!

Online training blog Intro articles part 3 03

Auto marked course quiz with hints and tips for any wrong answers

You have another read around the subject (just review the section / module) and have another go at the quiz!

Online training blog Intro articles part 3 04

Now you have the correct answer !

We are already working on future training app upgrades to provide several different style of quiz.

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