Live RPS training from Ionactive – Summer 2021 update

Ionactive continues to offer online 24/7 RPS training courses for immediate purchase. The online platform was developed in response to the Covid-19 pandemic. Since going live at the end of October 2020 we have now trained over 240 delegates. Unlike many other training providers, we took the multimedia route rather than using conferencing software. A big advantage of this is that the delegate can take training at their own pace, either all in one go, or an hour each night etc. The feedback has been so good that we are confident that this will be the preferred route for many, long after Covid-19. If online RPS training is for you then please follow the link.

Bespoke live face-2-face RPS training returns

We have now begun to run live bespoke RPS / radiation awareness courses at client sites. In touring around the UK, we have found many Covid-19 procedures are still very much present in the workplace. There is a significant variation, from very little, to pretty much as it was during lockdown early in 2021. Masks are still being worn unless seated, and social distancing continues (including limiting the number of employees in any one area). Lunchtime catering for large groups is a rare event, and passing objects (e.g. radiation monitors between each other) has to be conducted with sanitisers etc (or is banned). None of this is an issue during our onsite training as we fitted in with the specific site requirements. In addition, the delegates are all aware of their local Covid restrictions and so the course is built around them. We are very pleased to be back delivering live training!

A cautious return to live public face-2-face training

Things are not quite as simple (yet) for live public training (e.g. our 2-day residential RPS training course held at Missenden Abbey in Buckinghamshire). We have no issue with the venue itself, we love the Abbey and all its staff. However, based on our observations around the UK we do not think all delegates are quite ready to return to normal, or the “new normal". Sitting side by side on a traditional table made for two will seem a step too far for many (and this is not currently allowed in many workplaces we have visited during July and August 2021). Sanitising on entry, wearing masks (or not), handling demo training equipment (or not) etc will leave some delegates uncomfortable. The important point to note is that attendance at the Abbey (or at other public training venues) is not a vacation, it is a workplace.

In addition, we have not had that many enquiries regarding when our live monthly training will return. But – we have increased the number of training delegates we train in a normal year by about 100% (in just 8.5 months). So we are not convinced there is huge demand for spending two days sitting in a training room when you can take flexible training online.

This is our review of the training situation, as of 20 August 2021. As we move into the autumn months we will review again.

Some things have changed for good…

Covid-19 has led to most providers taking a different approach to delivering RPS training. Some of these are temporary, but many may be permanent. We can already see this in the ‘work from home’ debate. Whilst there appears to be a gradual return to the office, our observations in the workplace are that flexible working will remain for good – perhaps a hybrid office / home working week.

One of our own significant changes is that we will no longer be producing large (thick) printed colour binders of training notes. We are very proud of them, but they did take some work to produce, and were not particularly ‘green’. Having spent time completely rewriting the training for the online courses, including a new graphics set, it seems sensible to use the online system to host all live training material. We have already trialled this approach with a number of 2-day and one 1-day bespoke RPS training courses during August 2021. All delegates therefore have the following online support to supplement the live training we deliver:

  1. A concise set of summary notes (typically < 15 sheets of paper) in a smart clip file.
  2. Completely unlocked access to the online 2-day training course.
  3. Access to all the videos, slide shows, audio commentary already available to online delegates.
  4. A resource area with downloads (e.g. risk assessments, local rules, contingency plans).
  5. An online test – auto marked, with immediate access to a downloadable course certificate.
  6. A delegate-to-Ionactive private chat service (available before and after the course is complete).
  7. 3 full years access to the online training material, receiving all updates and new material at no addition cost long after the training course is completed.

Unlocked – this means that standard 2-day and bespoke LIVE training delegates can use the online course material like a training manual. They do not need to take the end of section quizzes, nor does the course material need to be ‘read’ in a specific order. Online training delegates are taken through a ‘directed training process’ which monitors progress throughout (hence the quizzes and structured training etc).

Resources – for live public training the resources section will contain standard generic documents. For bespoke live training at client sites, the resources section will contain specific company related material which the delegate will be pleased recognise.

We are not giving up on paper completely, instead we are connecting our live radiation training with our online training system.

All our training will therefore be #RadiationConnected

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