IRR17 (35) - Duties of Employees

Here are a few obvious and sensible duties and are applicable to all employees:

  • Employees must not knowingly expose themselves to ionising radiation to an extent greater than is reasonably necessary for the purposes of the work being carried out
  • Employees must make full and proper use of any personal protective equipment supplied
  • Employees must report any defect discovered in such equipment and take all reasonable steps to ensure it is properly stored when not in use
  • Classified outside workers must not misuse the radiation passbook or attempt to falsify any information recorded
  • Employees must comply with reasonable requests from their employer for the purposes of measurements and assessments

Whilst not a primarily a responsibility of the Radiation Protection Supervisor (RPS), the RPS does have a remit in ensuring that local rules are complied with which will cover many of the above matters.

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