IRR17 (25) - Medical Surveillance

This regulation applies to Classified Persons, non-classified employees who have received an over exposure and any employee subject to conditions imposed by the relevant doctor (Appointed Doctor or Employment Medical Advisor).

The employer has a duty to ensure that each of their employees to whom this regulation applies, is under adequate medical surveillance. This should include:

  • A medical examination before being designated.
  • A periodic review of health (i.e. annually).
  • Special surveillance when a relevant dose limit has been exceeded, including a medical examination if any limit has been exceeded by a factor of two or more.
  • Determination of whether specific conditions are necessary.
  • A review of health after the cessation of work if this is necessary to safeguard health.

The particulars to be kept in a Health Record are given in Schedule 6 of IRR17.

An entry in the Dose Record is valid for 12 months, or such shorter time as may be specified by the Appointed Doctor or the Employment Medical Adviser, or unless cancelled by either of them.

As mentioned previously, some employers designate their employees as Classified Persons for reasons other than just predicted radiation exposure. One reason is that this then requires an annual review of health (which is considered a reward or company ‘perk’ by many). However in more recent times the 'review' (for that is what it is) has moved away from what many feel was an otherwise value medical.

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