IRR17 (22) - Dose Assessment & Recording

Dose assessment and recording is much more complicated than many employers expect. In order to keep this guidance concise will will only deal with the legislative aspects of dose assessment here, but will produce some future practical guidance on dosimeter selection, wearing correctly and local management of record keeping.

This guidance will firstly consider dosimetry for classified persons - see IRR17 (21) - Designation of Classified Persons for guidance on whether an employee needs to be classified. We will then look at dose assessment for non-classified persons which make up the majority of radiation users in the UK (outside of the nuclear industry).

Dosimetry for Classified Persons

An employer must ensure that, for each classified person, an assessment is made of all significant doses received and that such assessments are recorded. For this purpose, they are required to make arrangements with an Approved Dosimetry Service (ADS). Some examples of UK based ADS are given in our links section: dosimetry links.

Dose records must be kept for each classified person, until they are (or would have been) 75 years of age, but in any case for 30 years from the the record was first made. The ADS will provide the employer with dose summaries and ‘termination’ records. They will also send summaries to HSE.

Dose summaries - the ADS will normally provide monthly or 3-monthly dose entry reports to the employer (depending on wear period of the employee - usually monthly for most classified persons). The ADS will also provide a quarterly dose summary and an annual summary (normally annual exposures for last five years will also be included). The employer must ensure that their classified persons have access to their dose record.

Termination records - these are provided by the ADS to the employer (for onward delivery to the employee) when the employee classified person status is removed (where the employee remains with the company), or where the employee moves to a new employer and remains a classified worker.

Classified outside workers

For classified outside workers the ADS will provide a current radiation passbook. An employer must ensure that entries in a passbook are kept up to date and only made by people authorised by the ADS or the appropriate employer. Arrangements for this should include written instructions as to who does what and when. The RPS will normally carry out this administrative function. The passbook will contain relevant dose information (e.g. exposures in the calendar year to date, previous annual dose data, and a declaration by the appointed doctor indicating that the worker is 'fit').

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