Do I need a RPS (Radiation Protection Supervisor)

Source: Ionactive Radiation Protection Resource

You need a RPS (Radiation Protection Supervisor) whenever you have local rules.

The requirement for the RPS (and local rules) is specified in Regulation 18 of the Ionising Radiations Regulations 2017 (IRR17).

To decide if you need local rules (you will!), and therefore the RPS, please consult the FAQ 'Do I need Local Rules'.

Typical duties of the RPS will include:

  • Ensure employees are aware of the content of local rules (and comply with them)
  • Undertake routine or bespoke radiation and contamination monitoring around the workplace
  • Make arrangements for the testing of monitoring instruments
  • Perform checks on safety and warning systems (e.g. functional checks of interlocks and emergency stops)
  • Issue and collection of personal dosimetry
  • Co-ordination with any relevant contractors on site (who may well be outside workers)
  • Regular liaison with the Radiation Protection Adviser
  • Make arrangements for annual health reviews (for classified persons)
  • Undertake investigations of exposure abnormalities (e.g. unexpected personal dosimetry result)

A more complete consideration of the RPS requirements and duties can be found here: IRR17 (18) - Local rules and radiation protection supervisors part 2.

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