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Fire Service Radiation Safety Training

During the 8th and 9th of May Ionactive will be running its latest radiation safety course for the UK Fire and Rescue Service. This course is bespoke and made specifically for the needs of the emergency services. They are ‘benchmarked’ at the Radiation Protection Supervisor (RPS) level so that a certificate can be awarded (following a test) to demonstrate a suitable standard has been achieved.

They are not, however, a routine RPS training course with a few relevant HAZMAT issues thrown in. Rather, they take the delegates right back to the basics and then build on these with many facts and examples. Delegate group and desk top exercises are included – HAZMAT (premises and transport) and CBRN issues described in detail.

Although entry for the May 2013 course is closed, feel  free to get in touch and discuss your training needs.

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Details of the Ionactive CBRN and HAZMAT radiation safety training courses can be found on our Contingency Training page. These courses are bespoke in nature and are suitable for all sectors of the emergency services.

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