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Join Ionactive in 2008?

See the Blue Glow on Monday
Do a critical examination on Wednesday
Deliver a training course on Friday
Ionactive will be looking to recruit in 2008 – are you ready to join something completely different?

In 2008 Ionactive will be looking for at least one qualified RPA (RPA 2000 certificate required), and one trainee RPA (perhaps a Radiation Protection Officer or Health Physicist aiming for a RPA position).

If you are happy working in the same office day after day doing pretty much the same type of work then the positions will not be for you. If spending most of your time pouring over documents turns you on then the positions will not be for you (although document reading and writing is unavoidable of course). If having browsed though this website you think we are ‘too yellow’ then the positions are not for you. If the thought of early starts (sometimes), late finishes (sometimes) and travel (by plane, train and motorcar) fills you with horror, then the positions will not be for you.

However, if you want to move out of your comfort zone and look after clients covering near enough every type of ionising radiation source imaginable, then the positions could be for you. If you never want to clock watch again and enjoy something different every day then the positions could be for you. If you enjoy training and speaking with conviction to the masses then the positions could be for you.

Salary – let us discuss that face to face (but put it this way, I would not put myself through all this for nothing!).

If you are interested then feel free to send your thoughts, interests and aspirations to Mark Ramsay. All correspondence will of course be treated in absolute confidence.

Article Source:

Ionactive Consulting News Release December 2007

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