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Drums of radioactive waste are missing

A HUNT is on to locate steel drums of potentially deadly radioactive waste that lie buried beneath the site for the 2012 London Olympics.

A 34-year-old document reveals that an unspecified number of steel drums were buried under the former West Ham Tip in Temple Mills Lane, near Hackney Wick - the area now earmarked for the athletes' village and hockey stadium.

No one has yet been able to say where the drums are now.

The drums contain bricks and metal contaminated with the chemical element Thorium, which is sometimes used as a substitute for uranium in nuclear reactors.

If ingested by airborne dust, Thorium, which was used in gas lamps and bulb filaments, can cause bone and blood cancer.

Last year, it emerged that a site in Marshgate Lane, Stratford, had until 1982 been used as a small test nuclear reactor by Queen Mary College's department of nuclear engineering.

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The source of this news is the East London Advertiser.

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