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The R&N in CBRN

The Bucks Search & Rescue CBRN Team
Ionactive Sponser the Bucks Search & Rescue CBRN Team
Ionactive Consulting Ltd gave a presentation to the Bucks Search & Rescue (BSAR) CBRN (Chemical, Biological, Radiological & Nuclear) team last Wednesday evening. Ionactive are sponsors of this team, and in addition to financial support, provide training and guidance as required.

The subject matter of the presentation, entitled 'The R&N in CBRN', included:

Setting the scene (radiation physics in a nutshell)
The issues (the use of radioactive & nuclear materials in terrorist weapons)
Source types / availability
UK preventative measures
Practical aspects of radiation protection

The objective of the presentation was to provide some update and awareness training in this important area of contingency.

Ionactive's business areas include the provision of information, instruction and training and were delighted to provide support to BSAR. Paul Dollemore, a representative of BSAR, said:

"Thank you very much for an excellent presentation on Wednesday; it was really useful, very topical, and presented in exactly the way I hoped it would be"

Lou, also from BSAR said:

"I found him very informative and very funny. A really good balance to my mind. His presentation was first class"

Of course we like to hear this type of feedback - we really enjoy training. If you are interested in radiation protection training then please visit our Training Services Page.

If you are interested in the CBRN presentation then please feel free to contact us.

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Ionactive training services news release

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