Radiation Protection Supervisor (RPS) course

A compact 2-day residential Radiation Protection Supervisor training course for all users of ionising radiation in the UK

Ionactive RPS training courses are designed for individuals who will likely be appointed as an RPS, or for those who are already appointed in the role, but require a refresher. The RPS course is also suitable for those who are not appointed, but require training to a recognised UK standard. These courses are designed for UK delegates although overseas delegates are welcome to attend. The course is designed to meet the requirements of the Ionising Radiations Regulations 2017 (IRR17) and environmental radioactive substances regulation.

Ionactive also has a range of online radiation protection training courses. Take your online RPS course at a time and place of your choosing.

Next dates
Mon, 02 Nov 2020 - Tue, 03 Nov 2020
Other dates
  • Mon, 14 Dec 2020 - Tue, 15 Dec 2020

All our UK training takes place at Missenden Abbey, Great Missenden, Buckinghamshire UK HP16 0BD, just 30 minutes west of London by car.


The two day course is suitable for all users of ionising radiation (X-Ray and radioactive sources)


£575 plus VAT
Includes colour personalised training material, en-suite accommodation, course meals (lunch and dinner on day 1 and breakfast and lunch on day 2), test and a certificate.

Please register your interest using the form below, or contact us for more details or to book by email. Let us know if you have any specific dietary requirements or anything else we should know to make your training experience as enjoyable as possible.

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UK training venue

All our UK training takes place at Missenden Abbey, Great Missenden, Buckinghamshire UK HP16 0BD, just 30 minutes west of London by car. En suite accommodation and meals are included.

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What's included in the RPS Course?

Radiation safety courses may sound daunting to begin with, but need not be. The training environment helps which is why we have been at Missenden Abbey for over 10 years. Modern training rooms, nice food, a comfortable bed and wonderful grounds to explore feature.

    The following key topics are included.

  • Nature of ionising radiations and their interactions
  • The biological effects of radiation
  • Quantities (dose, dose rate, activity, half-life)
  • Measurements (monitoring, dosimetry, instrumentation)
  • The external and internal radiation hazard
  • Radiation risk assessments
  • Principles (time, distance, shielding, containment)
  • Personal protective equipment
  • The Ionising Radiations Regulations 2017 (IRR17)
  • Local Rules and the Radiation Protection Supervisor
  • Contingency plans (what to do when things go wrong)

Who should attend Ionactive RPS training?

Our courses are designed for all, regardless of the type of radiation source being used. The advantage is that delegates will learn from each other and understand their own sources in context, by comparing with their fellow delegates. It's a great way to understand radiation risk. Do you work in the medical sector - if so is this course right for you? Read our latest RPS medical delegate post.

  • Schools

  • Museums

  • Veterinary

  • Medical

  • Industry

  • Pharmaceutical

  • Logistics

  • Security

  • Food and Beverage

  • Industrial Radiography

What people think of Ionactive’s Radiation Protection Supervisor (RPS) course

Thank You for a well-executed course Monday and Tuesday. It was a pleasure to see how assertive you were by paying attention to ALL delegates at the same time and making the course content relevant for one and all. I’ve recommended it highly to our base managers as I see others within our organization that could benefit from it

– Claus Thorberg Hansen, RPS Training, July 2019 -

Came knowing very little about the subject, have left with all of the relevant knowledge I need

– BJ, RPS training delegate, March 2016 -

Mark, it's been great working with you over the last year, not only is our house in better order but the wider workforce genuinely appreciate the time you have spent reassuring them

– DF, X-ray Technology Company -

Outstanding Instructor Knowledge, Hit all the important parts, very satisfied!

– NG, RPS Training delegate, March 2014 -

Radon Gas - a surprise! I work only with security x-ray systems but found the radioactive bits of the course interesting too. I will be talking to my colleagues about Radon Gas when next discussing our workplace risks!

– BQ, X-ray security, RPS Training (March 2018) -

Thanks for delivering a very informative course this week, it will certainly help me to get back into the RPS role after a hiatus of several years and it’s increased my understanding of the subject matter as well.

– Graeme Salt, RPS training, March 2019 -

Many thanks for an interesting two-day radiation course. Whilst physics and maths is not my thing, I found the material easy to digest and surprisingly enjoyable!

– OM, diagnostic x-ray, RPS Training (Dec 2017) -

Thank you for providing a very well presented and interesting course (as always).

– Jamie Humphreys, RPS training delegate, March 2019 -

Thank you for an enjoyable two days. As Radiopharmacy is all new to me, I found your course really helpful and learnt a lot that will help me with my training in the cleanrooms and in Production. I have a better understanding of what I am working with and the risks that can happen in the workplace and how training in spills etc is important. I look forward to going through my Training Manual and taking the Knowledge Test

– JW, Delegate, RPS Training, January 2019 -

Can’t find what you’re looking for?

We will be pleased to design a radiation safety course to your exact requirements.

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