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Radiation Protection Supervisor (RPS) course

2 day course

This is an online version of Ionactive's signature RPS 2-day training course. It is suitable for any user of ionising radiation who needs to be appointed as a Radiation Protection Supervisor. It covers sealed and unsealed radioactive sources, x-ray generators and the latest safety standards and practices. Completing this course will ensure your employer meets the requirements of the Ionising Radiations Regulations 2017 (IRR17).

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Course overview

This course consists of approximately two full days of learning which you can do at your own pace. Modules will cover the following subjects:

  1. Ionising Radiation, their Effects & Potential Harm – a basic introduction to ionising radiation, important terms to be understood and used, radiation exposure, radioactivity, the basics of x-ray systems, the health effects from high and low doses of ionising radiation, and a summary of the sources of natural and man made radiation you may come across.
  2. ALARP (as low as reasonably practicable) - ALARP is a fundamental principle of restricting exposure from ionising radiation. In this module you will consider where ALARP is engineered into radiation sources, and where ALARP requires 'on-going' thinking as you work.
  3. External and Internal Radiation Hazards - in this module you will explore a number of different types of radiation source (or workplace situation) and determine if they are classed as a potential external radiation hazard, an internal radiation hazard or both.
  4. Practical Radiation Protection - here we examine the three key principles for restricting exposure from external hazards (involving time, distance and shielding), as well as the potentially more onerous (but important) principles for avoiding exposures from internal hazards.
  5. Radiation and Contamination Monitoring (including Dosimetry) - this module presents a concise summary of a diverse and potentially complicated area of radiation protection. This is a good example of where we help you understand what you may not know, in order to ask the right questions.
  6. Ionising Radiation Risk - ionising radiation is just one risk you will face when going about your work. The aim of this module is to present ionising radiation risk in context with other risks in the workplace and environment.
  7. Radiation Protection Legislation - here we present a detailed but easy to digest study of the Ionising Radiations Regulations 2017. We also summarise other radiation safety-related legislation covering environmental matters, transport and emergency response.
  8. Local Rules and the Radiation Protection Supervisor - in many ways the most important module of the course. In this module you will discover the nature and significance of local rules – these are what the Radiation Protection Supervisor is required to supervise.
  9. The Radiation Protection Adviser and the Regulators - here we discuss the role of the Radiation Protection Adviser (RPA) and what to expect from the regulators (e.g. Health & Safety Executive and environmental regulators).
  10. Contingency - what to do when things go wrong! Making contingency plans for a reasonably foreseeable radiation accident, rehearsing the plans, putting the plans into effect and investigating accidents.

Throughout this course we will present you with interactive quizzes and puzzles to aid your learning. At the end of this course, you will take an online test consisting mainly of short multiple-choice questions with a few written questions, and receive a certificate if you pass successfully.

You tutor is Mark Ramsay, Radiation Protection Adviser for Ionactive Consulting Limited. If you have any difficulties with the course content please feel free to chat with your tutor using the inbuilt messaging service.

Troubleshooting / Tips

Tip - if you see a continuously spinning icon and login into your training app does not appear to work then the most likely reason is that you are operating an old version of your browser of choice. Old versions of Microsoft IE are particularly susceptible to this (the up to date Edge browser works perfectly). Some browsers on portable devices will need an operating system update in order that they are also updated. Ensuring your browser is up to date will cure this issue.

Tip - Navigating around the online training system is pretty simple. We have written a number of blog articles which may enhance your training experience, ensuring you get the most out of our training application. These can be found here: Online training blog articles - training application features.

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