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Radioactive Substances and Waste - Environmental Compliance Course

1 day course

This one day course is suitable for the RPS who wants a more in-depth study of the environmental aspects of radioactive substance regulation and compliance. It's a potential 'bolt-on' to our flagship RPS training course (particularly for matters outside of IRR17). Also suitable for environmental managers, radioactive waste advisers, laboratory designers, waste disposal contractors and university RPOs who need a refresher.

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8 hours
10 Modules

Course overview

This course consists of approx 8 hours of learning, packed into 10 concise modules during which you will:

  1. Review a summary of environmental protection legislation in the UK (for radioactive substances and waste). This will include environmental permits (and authorisations as appropriate for devolved administrations), sealed & unsealed radioactive sources, HASS sources & security, source category, the 'D' value, and management conditions.
  2. Define radioactive substances (materials) and radioactive waste.
  3. Consider Radioactive waste types and disposal routes. This module also includes typical permit (authorisation) conditions and BAT (Best Available Techniques).
  4. Review Exemption and out of scope requirements.
  5. Study Radiological Impact Assessments (including the Dose Per Unit Release - DPUR factor).
  6. Summarise the Radioactive waste hierarchy (e.g. avoid, minimise, reuse, recycle, disposal). Also includes the concepts of dilute and disperse vs treat and contain.
  7. Review Laboratory / workplace design standards for use of radioactive materials and storage of radioactive waste.
  8. Summarise Abatement technology (filters, delay tanks and similar including their justification)
  9. Understand the role of the Radioactive Waste Adviser (RWA).
  10. Discuss practical record keeping.

Throughout this course we will present you with interactive quizzes and puzzles to aid your learning. At the end of this course, you will take a short test and receive a certificate if you pass successfully.

You tutor is Mark Ramsay, Radiation Protection Adviser and Radioactive Waste Adviser for Ionactive Consulting Limited.

If you have any difficulties with the course content please feel free to chat with your tutor using the inbuilt messaging.

Please note that this course is not an alternative for the RPS training course.

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