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Users of Ionising Radiation who may require our RPA / RWA services

Co-60 'Blue Glow' - an Ionactive RPA Client
Ionactive Consulting offers Radiation Protection Adviser (RPA) and Radioactive Waste Adviser (RWA) services to users of ionising radiation. Many delegates that attend our Radiation Protection supervisor (RPS) training courses are amazed how diverse the use of ionising radiation is. Here are some typical examples of the type of client we work for which illustrates that diversity

If you belong to one of these sectors and believe you need advice then please visit our Radiation Protection Adviser services Page

Typical clients which use our RPA / RWA services

Universities and Colleges

  • unsealed sources in biomedical research
  • sealed sources in physics research
  • x-ray crystallography for materials research
  • static eliminator sources (Po-210) on weighing balance
  • irradiators (Cs-137)
  • legacy source and radioactive waste

Light Industry

  • X-ray equipment for office security
  • X-ray baggage screening equipment in airports
  • X-ray screening at ports and docks (including linac applications)
  • Portable XRF applications (e.g. Niton)


  • level gauges on fluid process tank (Am-241, Cs-137, Ba-133)
  • thickness gauge on a paper making / textiles machine (Sr-90)
  • static eliminator source in a paint spraying booth (Po-210)
  • static eliminator source on a weighing balance
  • x-rays facilities for quality control (including XRF PMI / Niton applications)
  • irradiator (Co-60, for product irradiation or process sterilisation)
  • radiography of pipe welds (Co-60, Ir-192, Se-75, betatron, linac)
  • neutron moisture / density measurements in construction (Ambe)
  • radioactive waste incineration assessment


  • radioactive sources for demonstrations
  • cloud chamber experiments


  • geological specimens
  • radioactive antique articles (Ra-226 in watches, dials abd clocks)

Research Establishments & Pharmaceuticals

  • unsealed sources in biomedical research
  • unsealed sources in biological research
  • irradiators
  • field trials using radioactive materials
  • x-ray equipment for crystal structure research

Veterinary & Dentistry Practices

  • x-ray equipment

Medical Establishments

  • x-ray equipment
  • radioisotope use
  • radiotherapy


  • level gauges  (Am-241 silos / combine harvesters)





Our Suitability

This area is to demonstrate our suitability through examples of client RPA Work

Portable XRF (PMI) (e.g Niton)
We are RPA for many clients who use portable XRF equipment (e.g. the ‘Niton’) in Positive Material Identification (PMI). Our clients range from those involved in the oil industry, electronics, plastics manufacture, cabling and safety equipment. Our experience in developing work place risk assessments and training has shown how these devices can be used safely and compliantly. 

Decommissioning Support / Surveying
RPA for Reactor Decommissioning Planning project (including provision of peer review and QA services). Provision of RPA advice and practical onsite support for a Po-210 filter decommissioning project. Provide onsite alpha, beta, gamma radiation and contamination clearance surveys (several similar projects during 2006).

Irradiators / e-beam facilities
Full RPA service for clients who operate Co-60 irradiators (> PBq) and linac (6MeV) sterilisation plants. Audit of radiation protection systems, interlocks, hazard assessments, monitoring and training.

Open / Closed Sources
RPA support for a large number of open and closed (sealed & unsealed) source users – ranging from small school sources to irradiators and reactors in the PBq range.

International Radiation Protection Service
Legacy source storage and disposal issues in Qatar, NORM management options in Qatar, Am-241 gauging systems in New Zealand. Application of IAEA regulations and local legislation as appropriate.

X-ray critical examination / RPA Service
Full RPA and associated services to clients operating x-rays and accelerators for many types of security applications and similar. Critical examination and appraisals for new designs, shielding calculations, certificates of conformity and training.