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Radiation Protection Supervisor (RPS) Training Course - UK

Mark Ramsay - RPS Training Course
Ionactive Radiation Protection Supervisor (RPS) courses are designed for individuals who will be appointed as an RPS, or for those who are already appointed in the role, but require a refresher. They are also suitable for those who are not appointed , but require training to a recognised UK standard. These courses are designed for UK delegates although overseas delegates are welcome to attend. 

Our next 2019 RPS course will be held 21-22 January 2019 at Missenden Abbey, Great Missenden, Buckingshire UK HP16 0BD (venue is 30 minutes west of London by car). 

The two day course is suitable for all users of ionising radiation (X-Ray and radioactive sources) and includes colour personalised training material, en-suite accommodation, course meals, test and a certificate for £556 plus VAT inclusive. Course dates for 2019 are shown further below.

Please register online using the registration box on the right, or contact us for more details or to book by email. 

Controlled Area Radiation Warning Sign Ionactive RPS training courses meet the requirements of Regulation 15, Ionising Radiations Regulations 2017 (IRR17). Employers must provide sufficient information, instruction and training to all those who might be affected by ionising radiation.

Regulation 18 of IRR17 requires that employers appointment at least one suitable RPS to supervise the radiation work in compliance with Local Rules. Therefore the RPS needs an adequate understanding of radiation basics as well as a working knowledge of the rules and regulations. 

We have prepared some guidance notes on "Do I need an RPS and Do I need Local Rules". These notes are useful pre-reading and will provide an overiew of the RPS, the Local Rules they supervise, and the role of the Radiation Protection Adviser (RPA). 

The course presentation is delivered in manageable sections and is accompanied by a comprehensive set of colour printed training notes. Group discussions, worked examples, desktop exercises and practical demonstrations are included throughout.

The course test is taken online in the days following the course.

2019 Course Dates

21-22 January 2019  (now booking)
25-26 February 2019
25-26 March 2019
29-30 April 2019
03-04 June 2019
08-09 July 2019
30 Sept - 01 Oct 2019
11-12 Nov 2019
16-17 Dec 2019

What's included in the RPS Course?

RPS Training Course Venue - Missenden Abbey, Great Missenden, Buckinghamshire

Training venue - Missenden Abbey, Great Missenden, Buckinghamshire

Radiation safety courses may sound daunting to begin with, but need not be. The training environment helps which is why we have been at Missenden Abbey for over 10 years. Modern training rooms, nice food, a comfortable bed and wonderful grounds to explore feature. 

The following key topics are included.

  • Nature of ionising radiations and their interactions
  • The biological effects of radiation
  • Quantities (dose, dose rate, activity, half-life)
  • ALARP (as low as reasonably practicable) and Dose Limits
  • Measurements (monitoring, dosimetry, instrumentation)
  • The external and internal radiation hazard
  • Radiation risk assessments
  • Principles (time, distance, shielding, containment)
  • Personal protective equipment

We apply these important concepts to x-ray sytems, sealed radioactive sources and unsealed radioactive material. Matters specific to the role of the Radiation Protection Supervisor are then considered:

  • The Ionising Radiations Regulations 2017 (IRR17)
  • Overview of other relevant legislation (environmental, transport and security related)
  • The content of Local Rules
  • Contingency plans and their rehearsal 
  • The duties of the RPS (including appointment letter)
  • The role of the RPA

Radiation protection by distance rule

No prior knowledge of physics required

What type of delegates attend RPS training?

Ionactive Radiation Protection Supervisor courses are designed for all, regardless of the type of source being used. The advantage is that delegates will learn from each other and understand their own  sources in context, by comparing with their fellow delegates. Its a great way to understand radiation risk. The following delegates regularly attend our courses.

  • Theatre nurses / PET physicist
  • Museum staff
  • Shielding designers
  • The security industry (e.g. x-ray, linac, cargo, airports)
  • Radiation detector suppliers
  • Research & teaching establishments
  • Quality assurance / NDT / XRF
  • The oil and gas industry
  • Industrial Sterilisation (Co-60 and e-beams)
  • Local government / authorities
  • The food industry (x-ray QA equipment)
  • NORM Industry (Ceramics, Zircon & similar)
  • Fire & Police Service
  • Navy & Airforce
  • Veterinary nurses

Do you provide bespoke radiation training?

We will be pleased to design a radiation safety course to your exact requirements - please use our contact page and tell us what you need.

Bespoke courses we have aleady designed and delivered include:
  • Radiation Protection Officer (RPO) Training - Middle East
  • RPS Training in the Security Products Industry - UK
  • Radiation Safety Training (x-ray) - delegates from Libya
  • Specifc contingency based / CBRN courses for Police / Fire Service
  • Bespoke RPS course for Industrial Sterilisation industry



Training Courses

These are all our forthcoming training events. To register interest simply click the 'register' button under the individual course or download the application form at the bottom of this box.

Radiation Protection Supervisor (RPS) Training Course
Number of places: 25
Duration: 2 days
Commencing: 21/01/2019
Location: Missenden Abbey, Buckinghamshire

Our January 2019 RPS Training Course is suitable for the first time RPS or as a refresher. Features local rules, RPS duties, & practical radiation protection for all sources of ionising radiation (sealed & unsealed radioactive materials and x-ray generators). Covers industry, security, research, medical, QA, nuclear, emergency services and more. HSE & IRR17 compliant with personalised colour course notes. Ensuite accommodation and all meals are included in course fees. 2019. UK based.

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Applying for courses
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Why use Ionactive?

Excellent presentation
" It was also nice to be able to take the test at a later date so we could concentrate on the training material and not waiting for an exam. Excellent presentation Mark. " IL RPS Training (July 2018)

Radon Gas - a surprise!
" I work only with security x-ray systems but found the radioactive bits of the course interesting too. I will be talking to my colleagues about Radon Gas when next discussing our workplace risks !! " BQ RPS Training (March 2018)

Surprisingly enjoyable
" Many thanks for an interesting two-day radiation course. Whilst physics and maths is not my thing, I found the material easy to digest and surprisingly enjoyable!" " OM RPS Training (Dec 2017)

Excellent Content
" Excellent content with interest held over the length of the course. Presented in an easily understandable way. " RM RPS Training (Jan 2017)

Outstanding Instructor
" Outstanding Instructor Knowledge, Hit all the important parts, very satisfied! " NG (RPS Training Sept 2014)

Knowledgeable Tutor
" Mark was very knowledgeable � lots of stories to tell to help with understanding. Lots of interaction around table, workbook was very detailed. " LK (RPS Training, May 2013)

Relevent Knowledge
" Came knowing very little about the subject, have left with all of the relevant knowledge I need " BJ (RPS Training, March 2012)

Excellently Presented
" A lot to take-in during the two days, but excellently presented! " AC (RPS Training, Feb 2012)