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Training Courses for Radiation Protection Supervisors (RPS) - UK delegates

"Excellent range of experience, examples and key regulations we need to know. Ideal for the individuals on the course from different areas of radiation use. Brilliant, thank you!"

KD, RPS Training Course, January 2014

"Presented in an interesting way - Mark is obviously very knowledgeable about the subject. Easy to follow with good flow. Was really good to be in such a diverse group!"

AT, RPS Training Course, January 2014

We believe our RPS training courses are the best value available in the UK. After some years of continual development, and supported by delegate feedback, we are confident that they are the best available. The next 2018 standard RPS course will be running 23-24 July 2018.

No other course in the UK provides quality colour personalised training material, 2 full days, en-suite accommodation, course meals & test for £530 plus VAT inclusive.

Its not just about good value. Our progressive approach to training is unique in the industry. View our Youtube video for an example.

Visit our RPO International radiation training page for courses outside the UK.

Our 2018 dates (for courses running in the UK) are below - please see here.

Ionactive Radiation Protection Warning The word is spreading. We now regularly train delegates from overseas (e.g. Qatar, Kosovo, Ukraine, Latvia, Slovakia, UAE, Bahrain). These delegates understand that training to UK standards ensures they meet best practice in radiation safety.

This illustrates the flexible nature of our course and training approach. We welcome delegates from all areas of ionising radiation use - they all work together at our training venue at Missenden Abbey in Buckinghamshire.

Delegate interaction and networking are important, our delegates learn from each other.

Ionactive RPS training courses meet the requirements of Regulation 15, Ionising Radiations Regulations 2017 (IRR17). This requires that employers provide sufficient information, instruction and training to all those who might be affected by ionising radiation.

Our delegates regularly attend from the security industry, process control, quality assurance, research & teaching, NDT, oil & gas and medical sector. Some delegates work with radioactive sources, others with machine generated x-rays, and some work with both.

" Course venue was excellent, food was good and accommodation comfortable. I did a RPS course 8 years ago and it was the most boring 2 days of my life. On this occasion I thoroughly enjoyed it, and I'm very happy to be sending our personnel on this course "
[DY, RPS Training, Sept 2009]

In all cases we ensure the delegate:
  • Understands the risks caused by exposure to ionising radiation
  • Understands the precautions that should be taken
  • Understands the importance of complying with the technical and administrative arrangements of the regulations (and other radiation protection legislation)
  • Knows what to do in an incident situation

RPS Training Courses (2-day residential) - UK Training


In the UK the employer must ensure that the Radiation Protection Supervisor (RPS), as required by Regulation 18 of IRR17, is suitably trained and competent to supervise local rules and the radiation protection aspects of the work.

Our monthly RPS training course runs over two full days and covers all the core requirements specified by the HSE; it will also cover the Environmental Permitting (England & Wales) Regulations 2016 (EPR2016) and the Radioactive Substances Act (RSA93) in Scotland where appropriate.

We examine external radiation hazards (e.g. x-rays, sealed sources) and internal radiation hazards (e.g. unsealed radioisotopes) during the same course. This has been an immense success with delegates commending the approach. They learn from each other by discussing similar (and different) problems and issues.


No prior knowledge of physics required, no need to be a wiz at maths!

Our RPS safety training will ensure the delegate:

  • Knows and understands the requirements of IRR17, EPR 2016, RSA93 (as appropriate) and local rules
  • Is able to feel confident that they can supervise the radiation protection aspects of the work
  • Understands the principles of restricting exposure (and its practical implementation)
  • Knows what to do in an emergency

We particularly concentrate on Local Rules and the duties of the RPS but will always cover the following:

  • Nature of ionising radiations and their interactions
  • Quantities (dose, dose rate, activity, half-life)
  • ALARP (as low as reasonably practicable)
  • Measurements (monitoring, dosimetry, techniques)
  • Legal Requirements (IRR17, local rules, EPR 2016, RSA93)
  • Principles (time, distance, shielding, containment)

We personalise our courses in two distinct ways. Firstly, the colour laser printed course notes are customised for each training session - each delegate will recognise their own ionising radiation uses described throughout. Secondly, each delegate may contact the RPA after the course for further guidance on how to apply the knowledge gained in their own work area.

The core learning objectives are supplemented with further material (as appropriate to the delegates) including:

  • Open sources (e.g. unsealed radioactive work in research and medicine)
  • Closed sources (e.g. densitometry gauges, NDT, research)
  • X-rays (e.g. security scanners, QA, XRF, XRD, NDT, linacs)
  • Construction (e.g. nuclear density gauges)
  • Museum Specimens (e.g. geological specimens, radium dials)
  • BPM & Management for permit compliance (EPR2016 / RSA93)

RPS Safety Training Course Dates (UK) and Typical Delegates

Our up and coming RPS safety training courses are shown in the panel on the right, the complete set of 2018 RPS Training Course dates are as follows: 

23-24 July 2018 (now booking)
10-11 September 2018
29-30 October 2018
03-04 December 2018

Our delegates come from all areas of ionising radiation use:

  • Theatre nurses / PET physicist
  • Museum staff
  • Shielding designers
  • The security industry (e.g. x-ray, linac, cargo, airports)
  • Radiation detector manufactures
  • Research & teaching establishments
  • Quality assurance / NDT / Niton (XRF)
  • The oil and gas industry
  • Local government / authorities
  • The food industry (x-ray QA equipment)
  • 'NORM Industry\' (Ceramics, Zircon & similar)
  • Fire & Police Service
  • Army, Navy & Airforce

Bespoke Radiation Safety Training

We will be very happy to design a radiation safety course to your exact requirements - please use our contact page and tell us what you need.

Bespoke Courses we have delivered (or we are currently preparing) include:
  • Radiation Protection Officer (RPO) Training - Middle East
  • RPS Training in the Security Products Industry - UK
  • RPS Training in the Radiation Detector Industry - UK
  • Radiation Safety x-ray training - Angola
  • Radiation Safety Training (x-ray) - delegates from Pakistan
  • Radiation Safety Training (x-ray) - delegates from Libya
  • Specifc contingency based / CBRN courses for Police / Fire Service
  • Specific RPO Training for security related industry in UAE (Dubai)
  • Specific RPO training for oil / gas industry in Bahrain

Internal Radiation Hazard (training content example)

External Radiation Hazard - Volume Source (training content example)



Training Courses

These are all our forthcoming training events. To register interest simply click the 'register' button under the individual course or download the application form at the bottom of this box.

Radiation Protection Supervisor (RPS) Training Course
Number of places: 25
Duration: 2 days
Commencing: 23/07/2018
Location: Missenden Abbey, Buckinghamshire

Our July 2018 RPS Training Course is suitable for the first time RPS or as a refresher. Features local rules, RPS duties, & practical radiation protection for all sources of ionising radiation (sealed & unsealed radioactive materials and x-ray generators). Covers industry, security, research, medical, QA, nuclear, emergency services and more. HSE & IRR17 compliant with personalised colour course notes. Ensuite accommodation and all meals are included in course fees. 2018. UK based.

Click here to register Interest in this course
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Applying for courses
To apply for any of the courses listed download the PDF application form here.
Download a training application form here

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Why use Ionactive?

Excellent Content
" Excellent content with interest held over the length of the course. Presented in an easily understandable way. " RM RPS Training (Jan 2014)

Outstanding Instructor
" Outstanding Instructor Knowledge, Hit all the important parts, very satisfied! " NG (RPS Training Sept 2011)

Knowledgeable Tutor
" Mark was very knowledgeable lots of stories to tell to help with understanding. Lots of interaction around table, workbook was very detailed. " LK (RPS Training, May 2011)

Relevent Knowledge
" Came knowing very little about the subject, have left with all of the relevant knowledge I need " BJ (RPS Training, March 2011)

Excellently Presented
" A lot to take-in during the two days, but excellently presented! " AC (RPS Training, Feb 2011)

Spot on !
" Content: Spot on, Presentation: Spot on, Planning: Spot on! Excellent course, I come from Oil & Gas Industry, I felt Mark covered all applicable legislation, risk, PPE - he managed to do this for all delegates! " JJ (RPS Training, Nov 2010)

Handouts are Superb
" Knowledge and experience were very obvious. Very good job of putting each delegates job into perspective in regards to radiation. " JJ (RPS Training, Sept 2010)

Excellent Course Book
" Course very clear and allows time for information to sink in! Very important - not hurried. Excellent course book to refer to. " SP (RPS Training, May 2010)

First class handouts
" Excellent and easy to follow. First class handouts overall excellent course structure. Mark was excellent and gave a superb course lecture over two days " PD (RPS Training March 2010)

Found Interesting !
" Good grounded introduction found interesting! Having completed feel I have a better understanding of the requirements for radiation protection. " MM (RPS Training March 2010)

Best RPS Course
" Thanks for an excellent course the best radiation related course I have attended in 24 years in my role as radiation supervisor / manager " DD (RPS Training Jan 2010)

Easy to understand
" Course duration just about right great facilities with good breaks. Mark made the course very interesting and easy to understand. Many thanks. " TM (RPS Training Nov 2009)

Extremely interesting
" As I am relatively new to this field the whole course was extremely interesting. The manual will definitely become my radiation protection bible. " SC (RPS Training Nov 2009)

Good value for money course
" An interesting, good value course. Interesting to meet others who are working with radiation in areas you would not necessarily think of. " AO (RPS Training Nov 2009)

Handouts - the best!
" Handouts the best I have seen! Having not known any detail about subject I found the course interesting and enjoyable - which despite my lack of knowledge shows the course is good! " AM (RPS Training Sept 2009)

Well thought out!
" Course presentation easy to follow, planning and structure excellent and well thought out. Learned more than I anticipated. " SA (RPS Training Sept 2009)

Helpful Course Notes!
" Course was great - even though a few things went a bit over my head, but I have the course notes to look at so happy with that. Thankyou! " DS (RPS Training Sept 2009)

Fantastic knowledge base
" Fantastic knowledge base. Having been a complete novice, I have come away with the basics, and have a good understanding of what is required of the RPS. The course was put across in a very logical and friendly manner thank you! " CE (RPS Training May 2009)

Excellent !
" Excellenttraining style. Excellent handouts and presentations. Excellent location, accomodation & food. " JT (RPS Training May (2009)

Brilliant slides & notes
" Brilliant slides & notes. Presentations are knowledgable and are aimed at all delegates - not too formal ! " ANON (RPS Training May 2009)

A worthwhile two days
" Excellent - broad spectrum approach gives depth to the information supplied. Planning and structure of this course provides clear appreciation of all the source types available. A worthwhile two days Thank you! " KS (RPS Training April 2009)

By far the best RPS course
" A very enjoyable course. This is either the fourth or fifth RPS Course I have attended. It is by far the best, the most informative and well structured. As a trainer I have really enjoyed being on the receiving end for a change. " AL (RPS Training Feb 2009)

Excellent course book
" Excellent course book, very informative with a reader friendly style. A very good course. Well Done! " MK (RPS Training Feb 2009)

One of the best RPS Courses
" Course was well planned and very professionally run. One of the best in numerous courses attended. Learnt and took on board significantly more than from my previous RPS course with all learning objectives met. Thank you for a very interesting two days. " DW (RPS Training Feb 2009)

To the point
" Overall: compact, comprehensive & informative! " JR (RPS Training Nov 2008)

Creating interest
" Very well prepared and organised. The presentations were very well done, in such a way that anyone would be interested in the subject. " VC (RPS Training Sept 2008)

Excellent Presenter
" Very good all round. Mark is an excellent presenter. Useful notes and handouts. " NM (RPS Training Sept 2008)

Interesting mix of people
" What an interesting mix of people, professions on the course - you kept us all interested all the way through. Well done! " A (RPS Training Sept 2008)

Pleasure to attend
" Very well presented and, for once, it was a pleasure to attend a course and walk away satisfied " HH (RPS Training, July 2008)