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Ionactive in UAE (Abu Dhabi)

Ionactive is providing Radiation Protection Officer (RPO) training in Abu Dhabi (UAE) during November 2012. Working in conjunction with RNA Safety International, Ionactive is running the course for all users of ionising radiation combining Security, Industry and Medicine into one course. This mirrors the successful model Ionactive has run in the UK for a  number of years (Radiation Protection Supervisor training).

By combining different users onto the same course (x-ray, sealed radioactive sources and unsealed sources), you not only maintain interest and fascination with the subject, but product a RPO (or RPS in UK) who ‘see the bigger picture’. They learn to understand radiation hazard and risk in their own area, in context with those areas of other delegates they meet during training.

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Find out more about Ionactive International Radiation Safety Training by clicking this link.

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