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Physic Garden: edible and educational

London has a new garden, and it's a stunner. The half-acre Garden of Edible and Useful Plants is as fascinating as it is beautiful: its spectacular Andalucian orange trees alone are worth your visit.

Its location is in the much-loved Chelsea Physic Garden, and it is the first significant addition to the capital's oldest botanic garden for more than a century. The aim of the garden is to bring us closer to the plants on which humanity depends.
The Land Restoration bed is arguably the most fascinating of all. It shows plants' capacities to extract toxic chemicals such as cadmium and selenium from the ground, so there is atriplex or salt bush, which removes saline from land flooded by sea, and, remarkably, sunflowers, because they were planted in Chernobyl after the disaster to remove radioactive particles from the soil.

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