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Using Ionising Radiation Enhance Safety

Organisations Using Ionising Radiation Enhance Safety

KOTA KINABALU, June 9 (Bernama) -- Many companies and organisations who use ionising radiation have shown an increase in safety measures in the workplace, said the Malaysian Nuclear Agency today.

The agency's director-general, Datuk Dr Daud Mohamad, said the roles and responsibilities of persons responsible for licensing, radiation protection officers and radiation supervisors in setting up radiation safety divisions had begun to be seen in many organisations.

"Now we see companies and organisations using the words 'Safety First' as a priority in the workplace.

"Programmes like safety training has also been made a priority in many organisations in Malaysia. This shows a good increase in safety practices," Daud said when opening the 2009 Radiation Protection Conference and Workshop here today.

He said ionising radiation was widely used in the country and failure to adhere to standards, directives and work procedures could cause financial losses; loss of reputation; loss of life and pose a danger to the environment and the public.

"It must be stressed here that efforts to rehabilitate and conserve would take a long time and involve large expenses and this was important to regain the confidence of clients," he added.

Daud said the conference organised by the Malaysian Nuclear Agency with the cooperation of the Malaysian Radiation Protection Association (Marpa) and the Atomic Energy Licensing Board (AELB) was a starting point for professionals in the field of radiation to get together to share information on best radiation practices in both the public and private sectors.

He said the theme 'For Safety' had been retained as in previous years to entrench performance and safety in ionising radiation as there could not be compromise on the issue.

Science, Technology and Innovation Minister, Datuk Dr Maximus Ongkili, in his speech to officiate the conference said to eradicate carelessness the need to enhance awareness of work procedures had to increased by setting a target of 'zero mistakes'.

"I believe that nuclear technology would not give rise to any threat if it was handled carefully, following procedures and standards set.

"It is proven that effective doses can produce competitive products and would not pollute the environment," he said, adding that increasing the number of knowledge workers was a pre-condition to spur activities related to nuclear technology.

Ongkili's speech was read out by the deputy secretary-general (Policy) of the ministry Datuk Dr Sharifah Zarah Syed Ahmad.


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