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New Ionactive Training Resource

The Ionactive Alpha Particle
Electron - Positron Annihilation
The Ionactive X-ray Tube
Ionactive has always viewed itself as innovative and we believe this continues with the release of a completely new set of training enhancements. We have commissioned Grallator Limited, a company that specialises in Scientific, Engineering and Technical Software and Simulation, to refresh our training images and come up with some unique tools to aid learning and development.

New Radiation Safety Training Images

Working together with Grallator, a completely new set of graphic images has been produced to help explain the basic concepts of radiation physics and protection. From the simple atom, through to explaining the concepts of build-up in shielding, we now have a new set of vibrate and enlightening images – all of course with that ‘Ionactive twist’. You can see a small Radiation Training Showcase of those images at our multi-media centre.

New Radiation Safety Training Videos

Not content with just static images, Grallator have also produced for us the first in a new range of video animations to explain key concepts. The first video entitled ‘The Production of X-rays’ takes you on a virtual tour of an x-ray tube, investigating its key components, and watching the production of Bremsstrahlung and Characteristic X-rays. You can even fly with the electrons as they accelerate towards the anode! Our video range will expand during 2008 with the next planned feature looking at the inner workings of the linear accelerator (linac). In addition, we will have many smaller animations produced to bring alive the new static images. View a web version of our new video on our Radiation Video page.

All of these features are key components of our Radiation Protection Supervisor (RPS) training courses. Whether we are training delegates from industry, or the Police & Fire Service, all will benefit from a training experience which enlightens and makes a ‘potentially dull subject’ interesting. Visit our RPS Training pages for more information on our radiation safety training services.

Enhanced Radiation Protection Glossary

Finally, even if you do not require our training services you can still benefit from this new work by visiting our Radiation Protection Glossary. This glossary has been near the top of the search engines for some time and should be more so in the coming weeks as we populate it with our new images. We will also be taking the opportunity to give it a spring clean and review the text.

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Visit the Grallator Limited Website and view their current projects and services.

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