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Radiation Safety Training 2008

Ionactive RPS Training Course Material
Ionactive RPS Training Course Example
Ionactive radiation safety training venue
With the end of 2007 fast approaching we are already gearing up for what appears to be a busy New Year ahead. During this year 123 delegates attend our general 2-day residential Radiation Protection Supervisor (RPS) courses. With our January 2008 course almost full we are now already taking bookings for February and beyond.

Read on or visit our Radiation Protection Training page if interested further.

RPS Training Courses

We have always aimed to make our radiation safety training courses competitive in the market place – but not at the expenses of devaluing the course content, presentation or overall training experience. In this regard one could argue that they have been a ‘loss leader’ – certainly price competitive to the extreme.

Take our RPS training course for example. Currently this is priced at £351 (plus VAT) per delegate and provides:

2 full days of training (0900 – 1700 plus evening discussions on day 1)
A memorable, fresh, enlightening and fun training experience
A comprehensive set of colour printed course notes
Ensuite accommodation included for one night
Lunch and 3 course evening meal on day 1
Breakfast and Lunch on day 2

First Class Training Environment

Even putting the course to one side the value of the experience is still very obvious. We use Missenden Abbey in Great Missenden (Buckinghamshire) for most of our routine radiation safety courses. The 12th century Abbey is set in the heart of the Chilterns and surrounded by 10 acres of spectacular grounds. It is positioned only 30 miles from London and therefore easily reachable from all parts of the UK. We believe the combination of location, facilities, atmosphere and service is the perfect partner for our courses.

The training rooms are large, comfortable and equipped with all the expected IT equipment. This space is important to us since after arriving early on day 1 we take over a corner of the room and display a varied range of radiation protection equipment which we use for demonstrations and hands on teaching. Free wireless internet is available everywhere so we utilise this during the teaching (e.g. browsing the Ionactive site in real time), whereas the delegates have the opportunity to catch up on emails during the day and evening. Even the food is far from ordinary – on the contrary everyone feels they are staying in a decent hotel (they are).

Some delegates tuck into to a hearty roast dinner during lunch on day 1 (soup or starters, roast lamb, and apple pie and custard are favourites). This has always made us slightly nervous – trying to keep everyone’s attention during the afternoon session! Thankfully, keeping attention has never been a problem with Ionactive courses – delegate interaction is used liberally and is one of the cornerstones in our training methods.

There is no doubt that the training hours during day 1 and 2 are intense – it has to be that way given the amount of material we need to get through. However, intensity does not come at the expense of relaxation and the evening on day 1 is just that – the chance to relax and talk about radiation safety matters over dinner. The conversations usually gravitate to other issues (sometime fuelled by the odd glass of wine, beer or juice). We do our best to create a comfortable atmosphere to prepare everyone for day 2.

All Ionising Radiation Sources Covered

Our routine RPS training courses are designed to accommodate everyone – whatever the ionising radiation source. We believe we were the first to take this approach outside the nuclear industry and note that some other providers are following our lead. A combined course that takes into account x-rays from an external source of radiation (e.g. x-ray tube), and the deterministic effects in Alexander Litvinenko (from Polonium-210) is potentially challenging for Ionactive.

We succeed because each delegate not only understands the ionising radiation issues around their own sources, but those of their fellow delegates and further afield. The inclusion of Po-210 poisoning, Chernobyl and other similar events provides a natural break from the more important source specific material and is of genuine interest.

Excellent Delegate Feedback

Delegate feedback is important to Ionactive and is greatly appreciated. Indeed, it is a credit to the delegates that they set aside time before they leave on day 2 to provide us with course comments. They are all displayed on our training pages, some highlights of 2007 are:

"Very much enjoyed the course and think all my colleagues should attend!" MH (RPS Training Nov 2007)

"I liked the presentation style. The timing of the sessions and breaks were well judged. Kept my interest throughout. " AJ (RPS Training Nov 2007)

"Training folder, best one I have seen for a long time." CK (RPS Training Nov 2007)

" Very good comprehensive course, venue good, room quite hot but radiator was on, food excellent – overall a very good course, better than the NRPB) " BB (RPS Training June 2007)

Fire & Police Radiation Safety Training

2007 was another first for Ionactive – provision of specific radiation protection courses for the Police & Fire Service. The police course (which deals with radiation protection around CBRN events) will be ready for delivery in the third week of January at the UK CBRN Centre. Details of this can be found on our new Radiation Protection Contingencytraining pages.

Towards the end of 2007 we delivered our first radiation safety training course to the UK Fire Service. This course was delivered over two days and priced to as our routine RPS training programmes. Putting this course together was hard work but ultimately as rewarding as all our training. Fire Officers attended from three regions around the UK and provided excellent interaction during the course. We had many more constructive critical comments than we see from our more routine courses – but this was to be expected given the unique course content. That said, overall the positive feedback we received was overwhelming, some examples being:

" Very good - hit a lot of the Fire Service objectives. Course notes very good - nice to have a course with good planning and regular breaks to assist the learning process. Thankyou for a first class training programme. " Avon Fire & Rescue (RPS Training Nov 2007).

" Good practical content bringing theory into the real world. Very professional (course content and style) and great venue. " Wiltshire Fire & Rescue (RPS Training Nov 2007).

" Excellent notes - really useful. Following this course I am aware of the need to update and simplify our training notes / SOP's. Information taught was very easy to understand, also de-mystified many of fears held. Overall I thoroughly enjoyed the course. " Avon Fire & Rescue (RPS Training Nov 2007)

Our 2008 Fire & Police Radiation Safety Training programme is advancing well – please visit the above mentioned contingency training pages for more information.

Bespoke Radiation Safety Courses

Based on our experiences in 2007, 2008 looks like being another busy year for bespoke radiation protection training. We are currently developing a radiation training course for a major nuclear licensed site which should be delivered during the first quarter of 2008.

During the year we have delivered several specific courses for the security industry covering radiation protection issues around compact linear accelerators (linacs). Some of the courses were delivered to delegates from Pakistan and Libya so we developed an international training package based around IAEA Safety Series 15. For Libya we even cross-referenced our training material to the Arabic language version of Safety Series 15 – that was a particular challenge but was well rewarded as the delegates were delighted at the extra effort expended on them!

We are dealing with some initial enquires to provide NORM radiation protection training in the Middle East during 2008. The work is currently at an early stage but it would be great to deliver services again in that region (previous work in Qatar 18 months ago looked at NORM radionuclides in slag and the design of a radioactive source storage facility).

So 2008 looks like a busy year for radiation safety training! The routine RPS training course will undergo continuous development throughout the year and therefore continually evolve – partly driven by the specific needs of the delegates who attend. We will have to put our RPS Course fees up a little in March 2008 but they will still remain very competitive and excellent value. The Fire and Police radiation protection material will be further developed and we hope will become a more routine fixture on the Ionactive training calendar.

Article Source:

Mark Ramsay, RPA and Director, Ionactive Consulting Limited

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