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RPS Training 2006 Update

RPS Training for X-ray Security equipment
RPS Training Venue at Moor Hall
RPS Training for NDT using X-ray / Closed Sources
After completing our 4th 2-day residential RPS training course of 2006 we thought it useful to bring our visitors some highlights.

Our April 2006 course had delegates attend from a wide variety of ionising radiation uses. They included users of x-ray security equipment, supervisors of Ni-63 source production, an industrial radiographer (attending for update training) and staff from the NHS (using fluoroscopy / thallium techniques).

Despite very different technical backgrounds and skills, the course successfully integrated input from all delegates leading to an enjoyable and rewarding course.

'Found the course to be thoroughly enjoyable and informative. Feel more knowledge and confident' (WP, April 2006 RPS Training)

We always work very hard to personalise our courses for the delegates that attend.

'On arrival to this course I expected it to be very difficult to understand with lots of physics. To my delight it was delivered in an excellent manner and at a level I could understand'. (RR, April 2006 RPS Training).

Our course presentation and style is very important since we have a lot of material to cover over a two day period. We continually seek to improve and optimise this area of our training - but we seem to be getting it about right.

'Course presentation & style - clear, concise, well planned and fun' (WP, April 2006 RPS Training).

We must not forget the venue of course. Having now run 8 sessions at Moor Hall in Cookham, we are convinced it offers the best all round training environment. From a hearty lunch, to a three course evening meal; and then via the comfortable bar and onwards to the ensuite rooms - Moor Hall excels. Day 2 always starts with a full English or continental breakfast before returning to the excellent training room.

'The venue was excellent with good food and bedrooms' (AN, April 2006 RPS Training)

Our July 2006 RPS training takes place on the 24-25 July, 2006. If you fancy attending then please visit our RPS Training page.

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