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RPS Training - Great start for 2006

Describing how an x-ray tube works
Explaining the concept of ALARP
Practical radiation protection hints and tips
Ionactive Consulting has kicked off the New Year with a very enjoyable residential RPS training course - enjoyable for the trainer and well as the trainees it appears. Our decision to use our high quality venue at Moor Hall in Cookham as paid dividends.

'Venue Fantastic - Great Time - Thank you Mark' (AD, January 2006)

We continue to believe that a decent venue with excellent food (and bar!) and quality bedroom (and bed) are all part of the training experience. Many delegates have remarked that the overall package is still very good value - our two day course fees are actually less than many would pay for a one day non-residential course (with a plate of sandwiches thrown in for good measure if you are lucky).

'I would recommend anyone to attend this course for its knowledge and value' (GP, January 2006)

For our fully booked January course our delegates included shielding manufactures and installers, medics, oil industry safety personnel, XRF users, and an instrument calibration expert. We fully believe that this integrated approach enhances the learning process - personal experience is a valuable commodity to share in the training room (and in the bar as you please).

'Very useful, particularly given the diversity of delegates...a very good quality experience overall' (MS, January 2006)

'Wide area covered in 2 days - a good structured programme' (GK, January 2006)

Our course folder production and assembly gives us quite a headache - each course has a unique set of colour printed notes and is personalised to each delegate. In our opinion this enhances the value of the course further. In addition, we do enjoy training and this seems to show (one delegate stating in the evening 'you obviously enjoy your work').

'Good style of presentation, very laidback, informal but easy to listen to - time went fast! Handouts and course folder looks extensive but again, easy to read' (CR, January 2006).

The comments above are from written course evaluations (we know delegates find these a pain to fill in at the end of the course, but they are invaluable to course providers - so thanks!).

We are already booking now for February and March 2006. If you think this style of training will meet your needs and training objectives then please visit our RPS Training Page, download a course brochure, and come along and join in.

Our goal at Ionactive has always been to be a significant and unique provider of radiation protection adviser and training services. We are certain our training meets these criteria and will be continually enhanced as we learn from our own experiences and from those of our delegates.

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