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Recent RPS & Regulator Training Success

Nuclear process, as explained by Simon Franklin, Director of Reactor Operations & Safety
RPS Training Delegates busy with an exercise!
RPS Training

October has been a busy month for Ionactive. We are very pleased our October RPS training was so well received by all delegates. Our approach of combining all ionising radiation source users on one course clearly worked well - the personalised nature of the course notes was welcomed. We believe a relaxing training environment, good food and drink, and a comfortable bed are equally important - we appear to have stuck gold with our training venue in Cookham, Berkshire.

'Presentation of course notes is very good. Making the folders for individual delegates with the extra section aimed specifically to that delegate makes the notes more usable. The venue was very good with excellent food'

'On the whole a good course with a good delivery, and many thanks for the glass of wine!'

Book now for the November course (21/22 at Cookham, Berkshire). More information and a downloadable course programme and booking form can be found on the Training Services page.

Regulator Training

During the first week of October we conducted a second regulator training course in partnership with the Imperial College Reactor Centre . This, like the first which took place in September, was a great success with excellent feedback:

'Properly complex for a complex subject. Much better than the usual "radioactivity for beginners". Intelligent and appropriately questioning where the accepted approaches are weak. Excellent discrimination between what works in presentation and what is best left in handout details>'

'Pitched perfectly - always stretching but never so abstruse as to be incomprehensible. Should be a "must" for anyone dealing with nuclear matters who is not otherwise a nuclear professional. Good working environment'

'Excellent package. Good set of reference documents. Balanced and varied. Success In meeting objectives? No Problem! I am pleased this course occurred. Thank you so much for taking it on and making it such a success'

For training courses at the Reactor Centre please contact Simon Franklin direct at:

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