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Ionactive RPS Training Courses 2008

Practical methods in radiation protection
RPS Training Delegates undertaking an exercise
Explaining how x-rays are produced in electrical equipment
Ionactive consulting limited has for some time provided on-site specific radiation protection training at the user and Radiation Protection Supervisor (RPS) level. These courses have been designed to meet specific client aims and objectives - and have attracted extremely encouraging feedback. They are designed to ensure our clients (radiation employers) appreciate and understand their duties under the Ionising Radiations Regulations 1999 (IRR99) - and particularly Regulation 17 ( Local Rules & Radiation Protection Supervisors).


'...Very in depth and informative. Very good... ". This comment arose from a physicist attending one of our RPS courses designed specifically for x-ray and linac accelerator users.

'...Thank you for giving me peace of mind and an understanding of radiation - now I can walk with a smile on my face and a true awareness of my work environment. Thank you!...'. This comment was received from a delegate who attended one of our on-site radiation protection awareness courses.

Residential RPS training

Ionactive is using the experience gained from running these courses in the development and delivery of new 2 day residential RPS training courses. These are designed to provide training for all users of ionising radiation and are not split into source category areas (e.g. x-ray, open sources etc). Ionactive believe that as training has become more 'objective' in its approach, course providers have sometimes tended to loose sight of the key knowledge objectives of 'local rules' and 'RPS duties' - instead concentrating on the 'source'. Ionactive's new courses concentrate on the core knowledge objectives required by the HSE - this commonality provides a better grounding for the RPS in the longer term, and enhanced interaction and mutually beneficial leaning by delegates.

Personalised course notes

In recognising that delegates will be working with different sources of ionising radiation, Ionactive is introducing 'personalised course notes'. Whilst the core knowledge is the same across all delegate course notes, each delegate will also receive a personalised section of material providing information and guidance for their particular area of ionising radiation use. The complete set of course notes are therefore unique to that delegate.

RPS courses running in 2008

Our up and coming 2 day course are running from the 28-29 of January 2007 & 25-26 of February at Great Missenden, Bucks. The training takes place at Missenden Abbey which provides an excellent learning environment, grounds to relax in, good food and ensuite accommodation.

We believe these are the best value courses of their type around.

Booking a place

You can book on line at the Register Interest page. More information and a downloadable course programme and booking form can be found on the Training Services page.

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Ionactive consulting Ltd training press release (updated 30 December 2007 for 2008 RPS courses). First released 07 November 2005.

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