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Calculators / RP Data

Try out a host of free online calculators dealing with decay, dose rate calculations, x-rays, shielding and much more. Also find data tables, coefficients & charts.

AJ Radioactive Material Equations and Formulas Calculator
Chemical Calculators (and more...)
Decay Calculator
Decay Radiation Search
EPCARD (Aviation cosmic radiation calculator)
Estimate your annual radiation dose
Galactic Radiation Received In Flight
Gamma-Ray Shielding Calculator
Grallator - Modelling, Simulation, Software
Identify radionuclide from gamma emissions
Kaye and Laby - Tables of Physical & Chemical Constants
Lung Retention for a reference worker (ICRP 66)
Neutron Activation Calculator
Nuclear Decay Data in the MIRD Format
Nuclide Safety Data Sheets
Paediatric dose estimates for a range of radio pharmaceuticals
Patient x-ray doses
Positron Annihilation
Rad Pro Calculator
Radiation Dose Calculator and Consent Language Generator
Radiation Dose to Risk Converter
Radioactive Decay / Activity Calculator
Radioactivity Calculator
Radiochemical Calculators
Radiopharmaceutical Dosimetry Tables
Radon Toolkit v2.0
Relationship Between Radionuclide Gamma Emission and Exposure Rate
Respiratory Tract retention for a reference worker (ICRP 660
Shielding Equations and Buildup Factors Explained
Spill & Skin Contamination Calculator
Stopping Power calculator and Tables
UK Radon Website
WISE Uranium Project Calculators
X-ray Absorption Coefficients
X-Ray Mass Attenuation / Mass Energy-Absorption Coefficients
X-Ray Shielding Calculator (1)
X-Ray Shielding Calculator (2)
X-ray: Total Filtration Calculator
XCOM: Photon Cross Sections Database

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