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CBRN / Contingency

Links to CBRN & Contingency related resource (preparedness, decontamination, emergency response, exercises & training). Ionactive Consulting provides RPA advice and training in this field.

A CBRN Course - R & N in CBRN (Police / Fire)
A Radiation Protection Training Course for the Fire Service
CBRN Incidents: clinical management & health protection
Decontamination of buildings and infrastructure exposed to CBRN
Decontamination of people exposed to CBRN substances or materials
Emergency Data Handbook (NRPB-W19)
Emergency Response Guidebook (ERG2008)
Home Office performance standards and test protocols for radiological equipment
Incident: Radioactive polonium contamination Case Study
National Arrangements for Incidents involving Radioactivity
NHS Emergency Planning Guidance - Ambulance Service
Nuclear War Survival Skills
Protection of On-site Personnel in the Event of a Radiation Accident
Risk Assessment
Strategic National Guidance on the decontamination of buildings, infrastructure and open environment exposed to CBRN materials (January 2011)

External Resources

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