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International Radiation Safety Training from Ionactive

Ionactive Radiation Training in UAE Over the years Ionactive Consulting has conducted more and more radiation safety training outside the UK. We believe the growth in our international training service is partly driven by recognition that work with ionising radiation in the UK illustrates best practice. We also believe that the growth is also down to the unique training methods of Ionactive Consulting. We have trained delegates at our UK training venue who have come from Bahrain, UAE, and Qatar for example.

Ionactive in UAE 28-30 January 2019

Ionactive will  be running the first2019 RPO course with RNA Safety International in Dubai from28-30 January 2019 (booking now).   Further dates for 2019 / 2020 will be released shortly. Course attendance is likely to be significant.

Enquire now!

To book on this course please email Raj Kumar Ahuja, Chief Executive Officer & Director (Training) for RNA Safety International at The course is likely to fill quickly so reserve your place soon.

Many overseas delegates on our UK courses have invited us back to their homeland to conduct radiation safety training locally - a most welcome compliment for any training provider!

Our international training is generally bespoke in nature – developed specifically for our clients needs. However, in the case of UAE we have entered into an association with RNA Safety International (based in Dubai) to develop a set of training courses which are exclusively for local needs. Whilst this training meets IAEA safety principles, it is also designed to meet the needs of UAE regulators (FANR) and local regulations, practices and users.

Delegate comments - February 2016, Dubai, UAE

"...Wish I had a teacher like Mark when I was in school...". CC

"..The material was so simple and the flow of information was smooth and had a variety that aided understanding...." OA

Radiation Protection Officer (RPO) / RPS Training in your Region

If you would like Ionactive to run a training course in your region then please email directly, or use our site contact page.

If you are a UK based delegate then please visit our UK Radiation Protection Supervisor (RPS) training page.

International Radiation Protection Officer (RPO) / Safety Awareness Courses

Radiation Safety Courses in UAE

The following courses are available in the UAE through our associate - RNA Safety International. Note: we may offer a course that combines all sources uses (this is the current trend, delegates prefer this approach).

Radiation Protection Officer (RPO) Certification - Security (3 days) This course meets IAEA and FANR requirements as well as being based on UK best practice in radiation safety. The course provides the training necessary for the position of RPO in security related applications (e.g. x-ray machines, Ni-63 trace analysis units and similar).
Radiation Safety awareness course - Security (1 day) This course meets IAEA and FANR requirements and is based on best practice in the UK. The course provides general radiation safety awareness for those working with security related sources of ionising radiation.
The R & N in CBRN (Radiological & Nuclear) - Security & anti-terrorism related course at the Radiation Protection Officer (RPO) Level (3 days) This specialist course is designed to provide training at the RPO level for all those involved in the security of radioactive material, and in dealing with the potential use of radioactive or nuclear materials for malicious acts. A version of this course has been delivered successfully to the UK emergency services and UK CBRN Centre.
Radiation Protection Officer (RPO) Certification - Medical Sector (3 days) This course meets IAEA and FANR requirements as well as being based on UK best practice in radiation safety. The course provides training necessary for the position of RPO in medical related applications (e.g. diagnostic x-ray, CT, PET, radiotherapy and similar).
Radiation Protection Officer (RPO) Certification - Industrial / NDT Sector (3 days) This course meets IAEA and FANR requirements as well as meeting UK best practice in radiation protection. This course provides the training and certification required for the position of RPO in the industrial sector (and related applications). The course covers safe practice in industrial radiography (NDT), process gauges (radiometric gauges), moisture and density gauges and similar.

Please check with RNA Safety International ( )  for latest course prices.

All the above courses meet the requirements of the UAE Federal Authority for Nuclear Regulation (FANR). Use the ‘selected resources' box on the right to investigate the trainer, RNA Safety International and FANR.

Radiation Protection Adviser / Qualified Expert & IAEA

We are often asked – ‘Will our training be certificated to IAEA standards’, or ‘Is our training accredited to IAEA standards’. The simple answer is that no radiation safety course available anywhere is officially accredited or endorsed by IAEA. The same is true locally in the UK – the UK regulator (Health and Safety Executive - HSE) does not accredit UK Radiation Protection Supervisor (RPS) courses. In the UK ‘accreditation’ is effectively made by ensuring the trainer – a Radiation Protection Adviser (RPA) – is suitably qualified and this is achieved by formal certification. There is nothing in local UK law to require the trainer to be an RPA, but by using an RPA you are assured they are suitably qualified. Of course, qualifications and certification alone are not enough. If you look through this website you will see evidence of the vast practical experience of the principal RPA – Mark Ramsay. If you then browse the other training pages (RPS Training and Contingency Training) you will note the excellent delegate feedback. It therefore takes more than ‘knowing your stuff’ – Ionactive has the skill to enable others to ‘know their stuff’ through unique and enlighening training methods.

The RPA and Qualified Expert (IAEA)

To understand how certification of the UK RPA can ensure training standards meet IAEA requirements, you need to note the hierarchy of radiation protection internationally. The RPA is equivalent to the Qualified Expert (QE) as defined and explained in the IAEA 115 publication (sections 2.31 etc) . The UK RPA2000 certification board ensures that an individual meets UK RPA standards, and therefore IAEA QE standards.

The RPS and RPO (IAEA)

In terms of course suitability (to 'IAEA standards’), it is again useful to look at the UK position and then see how this translates internationally (to IAEA). In the UK the HSE has provided details on what would be expected for a RPS course (Ionising Radiation Protection Series No. 6 – Radiation Protection Supervisors). All Ionactive RPS courses meet this requirement (as a minimum). Internationally the RPS is broadly equivalent to the Radiation Protection Officer (RPO) – this is also defined in IAEA 115 (page 310, glossary ). There are many relevant IAEA publications on safety training, as a minimum Ionactive RPO courses outside the UK are compliant with the essential elements contained in IAEA Training Course Series 18 ‘Postgraduate Educational Course in Radiation Protection and the Safety of Radiation Sources’ .

Note: Courses are also compatible with IAEA General Safety Requirements Part 3 - No. GSR Part 3 (Interim), this will replace IAEA Series 115.

Some recent training pictures

Mark Ramsay with radiation safety delegates in UAE

Mark Ramsay with delegates from the November 2012 course in UAE.