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Ray McGinnis

Ray McGinnis

Ray McGinnis has 30 years of radiation physics experience in US nuclear programs, including nuclear power and USDOE projects. He is currently a software engineer for the world’s first transuranic waste depository. His graduate studies lead to achievement of a Masters Degree in Information Technology.

He has combined his IT and nuclear skills and created radiation protection software called \'Rad Pro Calculator\', which is shared freely with the nuclear community and is currently being used by industry and university health physicists worldwide. The software, both online and desktop versions, tackle:

  • activity to dose calculations for gamma and beta emitters
  • shielding calculations
  • decay calculations
  • x-ray device dose calculations
  • minimum detectable concentration/contamination (MDC)
  • uranium enrichment
  • unit conversions and much more

PDA versions are available containing a subset of the calculations from the desktop version.  Also available is a statistical cumulative probability plotting program.   Ionactive intends to lend its full support to current and future versions of the software.

See and use the online calculator here:

Download his desktop and PDA  freeware installations here:

If you wish to contact Ray, you can do so via the form on his website here.