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Radiation Protection Adviser (RPA) / Radioactive Waste Adviser (RWA) Contracts

Ionactive RPA Services throughout the UK

Ionactive Consulting provides RPA, RWA and training services to all users of ionising radiation. As detailed throughout our service pages; we look after clients who use open radioactive sources, closed sources and all types of electrical x-ray generating devices. Our client base is wide; we relish advising industry leaders in science, technology, security, sterilisation, medicine, research and education.

We cover all of the UK stretching from Cornwall to Portsmouth, Kent to North Wales, and Preston to Edinburgh (we do not market our services in particular areas). Whilst the UK is our main base we see a fair amount of air miles to Europe and the Middle East. We have not deliberately chased this foreign market, it has chased us.

RPA / RWA service contracts are entirely flexible to meet client needs; the information in this page explains the minimum you should expect.

RPA / RWA Service Contracts

RPA / RWA Service Contracts include at least the following:

  • One or more on-site visits (on average this is a single annual visit although some larger clients may require / request several visits a year)
  • RPA / RWA appointment letter
  • Detailed colour visit reports (including audit / review summaries where appropriate)
  • Free on going advice via email and telephone
  • Inclusive rates (no extras for subsistence, travel or overnight accommodation if required)
  • On site audit monitoring (as appropriate) using industry leading contamination / radiation survey equipment
  • A Radiation Protection Adviser (not a technician / trainee from a RPA Body)
  • An established, significant and unique service.

Please use our contact page and make an enquiry or just call us.

Why use Ionactive Consulting Limited?

There was a time when everyone used the same set of banks for their finances and the same power providers for their heat and light. Some still use the same today – and no doubt many are happy to continue that way. However, the market has opened up and if you are prepared to shop around you might just be surprised what’s on offer (or what you might have been missing).

We believe the radiation protection market is similar – and this is probably most prevalent in radiation protection training (e.g. RPS training courses). Some will stick with the usual suspects (and that is fine by us); however we encourage all who want RPA / RWA or RPS services to make contact and consider the alternative. We believe that this process starts with this very website – if you like what you see then give us a try!