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Radiation Protection Courses for the Police & Fire Service

Primarily based around the needs of the Police & Fire Services, these courses are designed to provide practical advice and guidance on the radiation protection issues experienced by the first responder during an incident involving ionising radiation. The courses cover CBRN (Radiological & Nuclear) and HAZMAT events.

'R & N in CBRN' Radiation Protection Courses 2019

3 day course, Dates and Venue TBC
Block booking available now.

We have run many two and three day courses for the UK Fire and Rescue Service over the last decade. 

For courses, contact Mark Ramsay at mark.ramsay@ionactive.co.uk for bookings.

Unique & Understandable Training

Ionactive Training Resource 'Dirty Bomb RDD' Mock-Up Radioactive Source

Police CBRN Radiation Protection Supervisors (RPS) Training Course (3 days)

Ionactive CBRN Radiation Protection  Training

The R & N in CBRN

Ionactive Consulting is available to run CBRN radiation protection courses during 2018 for the UK Emergency Services (combined blue lights). The course will run over three days – most likely at Police / Fire Service Training Centres.

It will provide radiation protection training to the recognised standard of a Radiation Protection Supervisor (RPS). Our aim is to provide an innovative, rewarding and cost effective course which is a real alternative to what is currently available in the market place.

The following list presents some examples of course content (this is only a selection from the complete course syllabus - see course programme download on the right):

  • Nature of ionising radiation / radiation protection basics (Day 1)
  • CBRN - The Radiological & Nuclear Hazard (Day 1)
  • Internal / External hazards from Radiation / Contamination (Day 1)
  • Biological effects and radiological risk (Day 1)
  • Radiation Instrumentation for UK CBRN Response (Day 2)
  • Demonstration and Hands On use of Current CBRN Radiation Monitoring Equipment using the Home Office Approved List of equipment (Day 2)
  • Communicating Radiation Risk to the Public and Colleagues (Day 2)
  • Tabletop Exercise on Hazard, Risk and Controls for the Emergency Services (Day 2)
  • Radioactive Materials Transport - how this applies to CBRN (Day 3)
  • Project Cyclamen - how this applies to Emergency Services (Day 3)
  • Table Top Exercise: ‘The Dirty Bomb’ (Day 3)

The course fees are currently set at £750 per delegate. Each delegate will receive a comprehensive colour printed workbook and achievement certificate (following completion of the course assessment on Day 3).

Fire Service Radiation Protection: DIM / HAZMAT Course (2 Day)

This two day (at your venue) course is designed to be specific to service needs, and to the recognised standard of a UK Radiation Protection Supervisor (RPS).

This specific course addresses the issues that are important to the fire service in terms of first response to a HAZMAT incident which may involve ionising radiation / radioactive / nuclear materials.

Courses  running during 2018

Examples of course content include:

  • A description of the types and nature of ionising radiation sources found in the workplace
  • A description of the types and nature of ionising radiation sources found during the transport of radioactive materials
  • Radiation dose limits as applied to emergency intervention (incident response)
  • The types of equipment used to monitor radiation and measure the dose accumulated by fire service personnel
  • Risk – Risk perception and comparison of radiation risk with other risks experienced by the fire fighter
  • Chemical Protection suits – when to use them (and when they are unnecessary and actually compromise radiation safety)
  • Use of DIM (Detection, Identification & Monitoring) capability
  • Radiation Protection Principles as applied to the Fire Service
  • The role of the Radiation Protection Adviser (RPA) and Radiation Protection Supervisor (RPS) - what the Fire Service should expect of them
  • A description of the NAIR and RADSAFE schemes
  • CBRN - a summary of Radiological and Nuclear Hazards

The course provides:

  • Colour course notes
  • Optional test (inclusive of Achievement Certificate)
  • Unbeatable delegate rate (or package fee)

CBRN Resilience: Radiation Awareness Training (1 Day)

Ionactive also offers a CBRN Radiation Awareness training day. This course is aimed at all interested parties who come under the general banner 'CBRN Resilience'. Typical delegate sectors will include:

  • Emergency Management Planning
  • Local Government
  • Hazardous Area Response Teams (HAZMAT)
  • Incident management and Liaison
  • Healthcare Provision
  • Hospital Response
  • Emergency Planning
  • Insurance Industry
  • Financial

The fees for this course are £375 plus VAT per delegate.

The morning session takes a basic and brief introduction to ionising radiations and the Radiological & Nuclear Hazards in CBRN. We also look at the external and internal hazards and the principles of radiation protection.

The afternoon session examines the availability of radioactive sources (for malicious purposes) and presents a summary of the likely outcomes (if used in a radiological dispersal device or similar). We also summarise the application of UK legislation in a CBRN event, discuss the real risks and public perception, and outline where to seek more detailed information.

R & N in CBRN - Understanding the Subject

Radiation protection and related subjects need not be difficult to grasp. They can be made challenging, and the physics and maths involved can be tough for those who find the sciences less than scintillating. However, understanding the principles is not difficult and that is the level which we aim to achieve in delivering the courses to the UK Emergency Services.

Demystifying the Subject

With respect to other training providers, either embedded or outside each emergency service, delegate feedback tells us that all has not been well with ‘traditional' radiation related training for the services. Ideas introduced too quickly and assumptions that key principles are obvious are two problems indentified. We also understand that many potential delegates feel that some training has been delivered with a degree of ‘mystery' - almost arrogance perhaps. This appears to be due to a combination of a ‘mysterious subject' being delivered by a ‘professional' who seems unwilling to ‘demystify'!

Traditional providers from the nuclear (or nuclear related sites) / medical sites are by default going to be technically correct, but that does not mean they are suitable to provide R & N (CBRN) training to meet your specific needs. As noted above, delegate feedback has told us what you dislike - we therefore aim to deliver this subject in a way that you will grow to like it.

Ionactive CBRN Resource - A Cs-137 Powder Source


Training Courses

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Why use Ionactive?

PNCBRNC worked Ionactive Consulting
" 'PNCBRNC has worked with Mark Ramsay of Ionactive Consulting to create a bespoke RPS course which meets the required standard, but is weighted towards Police needs " [PNCBRNC, Ryton]

Ideal for Fire Service, HAZMAT and HDIM
" Very professional and enthusiastic delivery of course material without being dictatorial. The course planning was modular and flexible which helped maintain interest. Very good candidate engagement firmly establishes the key principles. " SL HDIM Course, Oct 2009

Would like more practical!
" Very knowledgeable trainer and interesting subject with high quality training materials. Would like a whole day for the practical session! " MM HDIM Course, Oct 2009

Live sources - monitoring
" The session using the detection / monitoring equipment was extremely useful as it clarified a number of misunderstandings. The use of live sources greatly enhances confidence with the equipment. " PC, HDIM Course, Oct 2009

Well done !
" Trainers demonstrated excellent knowledge excellent reference folder. Very informative presentations on what is a difficult and complex subject for us. " Met Police (May 2009)

Excellent and enjoyable course
" Excellent and enjoyable course. Originally quite heavy/daunting but made more sense as time went on and became more enjoyable and understandable " Essex Police (Sept 2008)

Informative (reducing the fear)
" Very informative course reducing the fear of the R and N " Essex Police (Sept 2008)

Knowledge of R and N
" Very good course which has greatly increased my knowledge of R and N " Essex Police (Sept 2008)

Highly relevant for CBRN Coordinators
" Superb course. Highly relevant for CBRN Coordinators, enabling instructors to deliver a high quality R and N package to CBRN Responders " Essex Police (Sept 2008)

Relevant to HAZMAT Officer
" Mark explained a complex subject in a relevant and easily understandable way. Both delegate notes and PowerPoint presentations are very good, clear and added to overall training delivery. I both enjoyed the course and the found the content very relevant to my role as a Hazmat officer. " MP, H&W Fire Service (April 2008)

Make it three days
" Mark Ramsay clearly has professional knowledge & experience in the area, tailored to Fire Service needs. Course has good comparative examples for dose rates, biological effects and control measures. Excellent handout / manual, good visual aids and presentation. Course needs to be 3 days. " JS, H&W Fire Service (April 2008)

Very worthwhile experience
" Handout is excellent and easy to follow with good coverage of all subjects. Excellent knowledge of subject matter by both instructors. Great to look at events worldwide to understand the threat and get a clearer picture of what types of incident could occur. A very worthwhile experience! " LFB, London, CBRN March 2008