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Ionactive Clients using our RPA / RWA Service

Cherenkov radiation from a clients Co-60 sources

Most of our clients are based in the UK and work within the confines of UK legislation and regulators. Our main service is therefore geared towards this area of radiation protection and compliance. However, we are increasingly being asked to advise clients outside the UK who not only recognise the robust and goal setting nature of UK legislation, but also our diverse experience in providing advice this area. We therefore have a good working knowledge of international legislation and are increasingly being asked to advise within the confines of non UK local legislation, edicts, decrees and similar.

Ionactive Consulting Client Service Commitments

Ionactive consulting will deliver a professional, timely and cost effective radiation protection service. We aim to be the best value service provider for RPA / RWA advice and RPS training in the UK. In providing these services we offer the following commitments: 

  1. Telephone calls will be returned within 24 hours (although we strive to do this within same working day).
  2. Email enquiries will be answered within 24 hours (although we strive to provide at least an interim reply the same working day).
  3. Standard visit reports will always be issued in final form within 10 working days after the visit. Where draft reports (for comment) are issued within this period, the final issue date may be extended (or reduced) in consultation with the client. 
  4. Other reports for on-going or completed projects will be issued within 10 working days of their inception, or to an agreed client deadline.
  5. The client will be kept regularly up to date with RPA / RWA service progress. In addition, the client may also login to their own private area of the site which will provide service updates, client specific resource and relevant web links.
  6. The client’s personal data and commercial confidentiality will be honoured.
  7. Using Ionactive will be hassle free, interesting and enlightening.
  8. All RPA / RWA visits and advice will be provided by a RPA 2000 / Environmental Agencies certificated expert.

Client Private Info Area

In order to enhance the client experience we provide a private client information area. New and current clients can be issued with a unique username and password to access their own area. The security of the area is at least comparable with email – but would not be used for sensitive or highly confidential data. Furthermore, the use of this service is optional.

So what does your private area contain?

  1. A summary of your RPA / RWA service
  2. A summary of RPA / RWA work progress / key deliverables
  3. Downloadable RPS certificates (if relevant)
  4. Other downloadable documents of interest (current and previous visit reports can be included if you wish)
  5. Client specific radiation protection resource (e.g. radiation news items, industry specific news, client specific regulator issues and must more)
  6. Relevant client specific internet resource

The private pages can be entered via the log-in box at the top of this page.

Try a demo of the system now. Username  = Radcompany, Password = 12345678.

Client Area Log-in

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Client Testimonials

Providing Reassurance
" Mark, it's been great working with you over the last year, not only is our house in better order but the wider workforce genuinely appreciate the time you have spent reassuring them. " DF, X-ray Technology Company

Radiation Exercise Design
" I was delighted that we achieved a satisfactory demonstration of our reactor emergency arrangements. The scenario was realistic, but testing. The quality of the exercise documentation produced by Ionactive was as usual first class. " SF, Imperial College London